A Wee Bit About, including production of the music videos, the reviews, the articles, etc, is created solely by Chris Kelly.

All writing is copyright (c) Chris Kelly 2014.

Images are credited wherever possible. Most are done by the incredible David Wilson (@mrdavidjwilson). If you are the owner of an uncredited image, please contact me immediately.

The original music and video footage used in my music videos are not mine. Again, credit is given where possible. If you are the owner of any uncredited media, please contact me immediately. I only take credit for the editing of the media into a (hopefully) entertaining music video for fans' enjoyment and promotion of the excellent wrestlers and companies who produced the original footage.

My contact details are @AWBAblog or - please contact me with any and all queries, feedback, criticism or just general wrestling chat.

I am always interested in new projects and will readily work with any affiliate who is a fan of my work. Don't be afraid to ask.

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