Friday 11 July 2014

AWBA: FF - Return Of The Queen Of Hardcore - Full Event

Disclaimer: I recommend reading this review of the live show in conjunction with watching these matches, and tell me all about the mistakes I made at @AWBAblog or


Yesterday I brought you Fierce Females full "Coming Of Age" show. To promote Mad Maxine on July 20th, the Fierce Females promotion has released some full matches from the follow up show, "Return Of The Queen Of Hardcore" which was hosted on June 8th, 2014 again from the Source Wrestling School in Glasgow, Scotland.

Uploaded so far from the event are the following matches, spoilers after the videos:

Fierce Females has now made the full show available for your viewing pleasure!

Nikki Storm v Bete Noire - Semi-Final of #1 Contender Tournament

Courtney v Debbie Sharp - Semi-Final of #1 Contender Tournament

Viper v Fiona Fraser

Nikki Storm v Debbie Sharp - Final of #1 Contender Tournament

Carmel & Sara v Leah Owens & Viper

Kay Lee Ray (c) v Sammi Jayne - Title Match for the Fierce Females title

These should hopefully give you some background to Nikki Storm v Kay Lee Ray fight for the latter's Fierce Females title at Mad Maxine. If any more matches become available from Return Of The Queen Of Hardcore, I shall let you all know.

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