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Every Wednesday, a group of UK wrestling fans get together to answer one question. This is open to all, whether you're a fan, wrestler, blogger, promoter, doesn't matter. To get involved, send me an email to AWBAblog@gmail.com or a DM if we follow each other @AWBAblog

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Who are these people?

Chris Kelly is me, wrestling fan from the early 90s to the early 00s, lapsed for a while but have been back in force since around 2010.  Huge fan of UK wrestling though I enjoy watching all styles, from NJPW to WWE, Lucha Libre and even rarely TNA.  I run AWBA and sometimes write for other websites.  I love being a wrestling fan and love writing about this sport.

Sammie Jo, aka Mrs Chris Kelly, was a wrestling fan when she was younger but fell away from it. Her love was re-ignited while attending ICW's 100% Shenanigans for my birthday, and since then she hasn't missed an ICW show, including Newcastle and the two London shows (which she won't let me hear the end of, as I missed both). Now a trainee wrestler and student midwife (I'm so proud!), Sammie has now started attending BCW and SWA shows while getting into all forms of wrestling.

Mark Moore got into wrestling as a young 8 year old watching then WWF. Over the years his love for the business has grown to the point where "I can literally watch any type of wrestling. No amount is too much. I now have the pleasure of writing about wrestling which was always one of my goals. I write for www.tnanews.com, www.wwenews.net and Ressurrection magazine. As well as a weekly podcast on www.surelycrabtree.co.uk."

Billy Strachan is The Big Cheese of OSWtv on Facebook, YouTube and Wordpress. I personally find Billy's Facebook to be the premiere source of UK wrestling news, with almost hourly updates on all sorts of goings on across the whole internet spectrum. Highly recommend it.

Breaking Baws has already been covered a bit here on AWBA. They have recently launched a new website at http://www.breakingbaws.co.uk, have a great Podcast featuring some interviews with UK wrestlers, and a Facebook page which promotes their monthly PPV viewings at local Glasgow pub The Ark. Two members of the Breaking Baws team have taken part so far - Johnny, who describes himself as having "got into wrestling in the early 90's, been with it ever since! Even the bastarding Triple H show with evolution!", and Paul loved "watching wrestling as a kid ( still a Papa Shango mark) Summerslam 92 was my first PPV memory with L.O.D on the motorbikes. Fell out of it for a while then got back in early 2000, yes I missed the entire attitude era. Went to ICW in Maryhill last September and something just clicked in my brain. Since then been following the local scene more and in January we started Breaking Baws."

John Ferguson has been a casual wrestling fan for years but for the last 18 months or so it's gradually been taking over my life!

Alan Reynolds is a fan who got into wrestling seriously in like 2006/2007 through bootleg CHIKARA DVDs and it has just kinda grown from there. He says he definitely appreciates the more comical side of wrestling, "although I do love watching good wrestling no matter what promotion it is from".

Bruce Mackintosh got into wrestling "as a young whippersnapper following the WWE & WCW (when I could). Later catching a lot of ECW and had a few years out of wrestling post Attitude era and the demise of WCW/ECW only to come rushing back over the last few years as the Independent scene went from strength to strength. Now keeping an eye on ICW, FIERCE FEMALES, TNA, WWE, ROH & NJPW along with the wrestling scene to generalise." You can catch him on Tumblr or Instragram - @returnofthegirlgangs

Tod from http://surelycrabtree.co.uk/ has "been a wrestling fan since I was about 13 years old, I discovered wrestling through WCW Worldwide a syndicated programme on at about 1am on Anglia TV in the early 90's. I knew of WWF but didn't watch a lot since I didn't have Sky. But then began collecting the Silver Vision VHS tapes! I collected all from WM1 onwards until the early 90's when they added more PPV's. To this day I've loved the business and probably became more of a 'smart' fan in the early 2000's when I missed a raw here and there and went online to find a review, eventually subscribing to Wrestling Observer etc."

Des Delgadillo from http://www.thingsdessays.net/ has been a life-long fan of pro graps with a particular interest in comedic wrestling, as well as the U.K. wrestling scene, all the way from today’s burgeoning indy scene to the golden years of ITV’s “World of Sport” show.

Lee Burton says "I’ve been watching wrestling for more than 20 years, and developed a focus on women’s wrestling in around 2006.  My friend Stew Allen and I launched the Women Of Wrestling Podcast in August 2009 and set up Ringbelles in March 2011.  We cover women’s wrestling from all over the world, offering news, views, reviews and interviews."  Check out the excellent http://ringbellesonline.com

Ryan Blackwood has been watching wrestling as far back as he remember. "I have fond memories of Saturday morning Smackdown on Sky 1 and getting tapes of ppvs (when they were on sky sports) from my granny the Monday after the ppv. Favourite matches include mania 17 tlc match, benoit/HHH/michaels at mania 20 and ladder war 3 from ROH between the briscoes and the all night express (amazing if you haven’t seen it). Took a break from wrestling for about 1-2 years around about the time of mania 27."

Stuart Rodgers from http://www.theindycorner.com has been into Independent wrestling for well over a decade, and runs a fantastic podcast via his website. He is a big fan of both American and UK indies.

Wrestle Ropes ( http://www.wrestleropesuk.wordpress.com/ ) cover the vast majority of British wrestling including match announcements, show announcements, results, reports, videos, columns & interviews.

Marco Piva is a writer for http://www.allwrestling.it/, an Italian wrestling site, and provides commentary for Italian wrestling promotion ASCA Wrestling. Marco first got into wrestling around Wrestlemania III but it was the immortal moment where Mick Foley got thrown off a steel cage that hooked Marco back in.

Stuart Wevling is a wrestling fan and devout member of the #CarmelCorner appreciation group of wrestler Carmel Jacob.

Adam Wilson is a huge ICW fan and the thought of missing a show can make him physically sick.

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