Wednesday 27 August 2014

WQ: Week 6 - Fantasy Tag Team

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Using At Least One UK Wrestler, Who Would Be Your Fantasy Tag Team?

Up first once again is Marco Piva.

"That's a nice question. And there's a lot of answers. First three that come to mind:

James Scott/Darkside and Kurt Angle
Kris Travis and Stevie Xavier
Chris Renfrew and Dean Ambrose

Lots of really talented UK wrestlers who'd make great tag teams, if we add the Americans to the equation... "

Thanks Marco. Second to answer this week was Mark Moore:

"Right now I would say Noam Dar and Adrian Neville (Pac) would be pretty amazing and if its past or present then what about Dynamite Kid and Davey Richards."

Personally out of the answers so far, I'd be most excited to see Dar/Pac and Renfrew/Ambrose. Let's see what Johnny from Breaking Baws has to add to the conversation:

"My fantasy tag team would be my main man of the moment BT Gunn, phenomenal wrestler! Great look and amazing leg work, tagging with Rob Van Dam (original ECW RVD). Got this crazy idea in my head of the 2 of them nipping aboot the ring doing flash as fuck double team moves, Double Killer boots and all that!

They would storm over any tag team division then would have the inevitable break up with BT turning on RVD calling him a liability ;)"

Could actually see that happening. Shame we don't have the RVD of yesteryear still around. Billy Strachan from OSWtv chimes in with:

"There will be a lot of great choices being made so I'll go out there with something different. I came up with an odd pairing as a fantasy team and I think it could work (in some weird way), Chris Renfrew and Matt Hardy. I have no idea why it would work but they could cut awesome promos, wrestle, brawl, bleed and pimp slap all that oppose them. Another big question being asked and one that there would be an infinite amount of answers. How about Drew Galloway and Damian O'Connor, two big dudes, one being all shaven and chiselled while the other is a huge bear, just going around kicking peoples heads off or booting them up the a….anywho. Kris Travis and AJ Styles would be amazing, BT Gunn and Low Ki, too many choices come to mind."

Nice. I really like the idea for Chris Renfrew and Matt Hardy, could imagine some really memorable promos there. Alan Reynolds adds:

"Joe Coffey and Minoru Suzuki. I can imagine Suzuki doing his usual angry bastard routine with Joe just murdering everyone in his way. A Suzukigun with Joe in it would be fearsome."

Thanks Alan, I'm now going to check out some of Suzuki's work to see exactly what you mean. My answer this week is:

"I personally am quite obsessed with NJPW at the moment, specifically Tomohiro Ishii. I had originally thought of a Joe Coffey/Tomohiro Ishii pairing, but as I began visualising them both being brutal beasts in the ring, shoulderblocking opponents and daring them to respond, I then began seeing the two of them as opponents, not partners.

So who do you team up with such strong men? Surely you'd need someone fast and high-flying to balance it out. So I put together a dream NJPW/UK tag team match-up, the team of Tomohiro Ishii and Stevie Boy/Xavier versus the team of Joe Coffey and Ricochet. That to me is a perfect mix of styles - strength, speed, agility, brutality. I would pay extreme amounts of money to witness that tag team match."

Our final answer of the week comes from Bruce Mackintosh. Bruce says:

"Mikey Whiplash & Raven  v  Al Snow & Jack Jester

Think this line-up would be an all out old school Hardcore match with foreign objects galore.

Nikki Storm & Paige  v Mickey James & Debbie Sharpe

Straight up heel v face tag match which would be a cracker in the world of the fantasy tag team. No doubt Sweet Saraya would make a surprise appearance and start a street fight with Bete Noire!"

I'm glad I wasn't the only one to make up a full match, no less two!! Those are both great matches and great meshes of styles.

So, a little short this week, but some great ideas. If you think of any more and want to add to this conversation, give me an email or Tweet. Enough additional choices and I'll re-do this question further down the line.

Until next week, thanks for reading / taking part!

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