Wednesday 27 August 2014

ICW - 1.21 Gigawatts Great Scott! preview

Disclaimer: So many shows. So many many shows. Insane Championship Wrestling has had 13 shows in 8 months, and I am going to 3 different Scottish wrestling shows this weekend alone. With all these shows and all these promotions, am I starting to get fatigued? You're damn right I'm not! This is ICW Sunday, and if there's one thing I always, always, look forward to it is ICW Sunday. Let's get to it!

ICW - 1.21 Gigawatts, Great Scott!
Sunday, August 31st 2014
The Garage, Glasgow. 7pm
ICW - Website | Facebook | Twitter
Tickets: Once again ICW have Sold Out, however get yourself onto the Facebook event page right now as several people are trying to sell their tickets. Do it. Then come back and finish reading eh?

Liam Thomson & Carmel v Kay Lee Ray & Stevie Boy
There have only been five matches officially announced for Sunday night, so I may need to be doing some updating between now and then if any more are announced. But we've got to start somewhere, and where better to start than here?

The variety of wars between Carmel and Kay Lee Ray over the years would take many hours, maybe even days or weeks, to full do justice to. But suffice to say that these two women are seen as the foundation upon which Scottish women's wrestling is built. Kay Lee won the inaugural Fierce Females championship (formerly the ICW: Fierce Females championship) and has showcased her wrestling wares all over the world, while Carmel simply oozes charisma and is rightly regarded as one of the best on the microphone (not "one of the best women" might I add, but simply one of the BEST). She is such a force that, despite being a no-good bad girl in terms of her actions and words within ICW, she has garnered a large and vocal following regardless of that, one which rivals the reactions gifted to so-called "good" characters.

In a reversal to most relationship-based wrestling feuds, it is the women who are the centerpiece here, with their real life partners somewhat filling a supporting role. That is not to demean either man. No strangers to tag wrestling, Liam Thomson has currently been engaging in breathtaking singles action of late, most prominently against his former partner Kid Fite. Stevie Boy for his part is one of the most exciting wrestlers I have ever seen. People, myself included, talk a lot about the speed and high-flying antics of the likes of Kenny Williams, but it all comes back to Stevie Boy for me in that arena. He is gifted, naturally gifted, with the type of speed and skill that seems almost supernatural.

Four of the best in the ring for any reason would be more than enough for me, but this match has history. Since leaving Kid Fite, Liam Thomson has been overtly aligned with Carmel in causing havoc within ICW. This allegiance came to the forefront at the Up And Atom! event in Edinburgh back in May, where Liam Thomson nearly broke Kid Fite's ribs in an unprovoked attack, with Carmel at his side goading him on. Later in the night, Liam would face off against Grado, again with Carmel at his side. The match ended with both Carmel and Liam getting involved, proving far too much for Grado to cope with on his own, stealing the win and proceeding to beat down upon the man from the tap end of Stevenston after the match was over.

This immoral attack brought Kay Lee Ray out to try and save the broken Grado, resulting in her receiving both Carmel's draped DDT and Liam's backcracked for her troubles. This dire situation brought out her partner Stevie Boy, finally evening the odds enough to send Thomson and Carmel packing. Carmel challenged them to a mixed-gender tag match, and so the rivalry between the four begun.

At the beginning of June, at Newcastle's Jimmy Nail's Revenge event, the two teams squared off in a match that ended with Stevie Boy attempting the Canadian Destroyer on Carmel, only to have Liam sneak in and hit the backcracker for the victory. Score 1 for the bad guys.

Since then, an injury to Davie Boy almost forced The Bucky Boys to give up their ICW Tag Team titles, but Kay Lee Ray stepped up and tried to defend the belts with Stevie Boy. Their match at Shug's Hoose Party ended in defeat and saw the belts return to The NAK, a loss which further dented the confidence of the "Bucky People" team.

A rematch with Carmel and Liam was in order, and that match happened back where it all began, in Edinburgh for the Get Mendoza! event on August 3rd. Carmel got on the mic once again to antagonise her opponents, but it seemed the team of Stevie and Kay Lee had had enough, taking the fight to Liam and Carmel, through the crowd, to the bar, off the top ropes, and back in the ring. It sounds like an incredible match, perhaps even better than the first, and I am sad to have missed it. However, I have seen footage of the finish which was a blindingly awesome combined Gory Bomb/Cutter which you can see here, to earn Kay Lee Ray and Stevie a much needed victory.

With the score now 1-1, KLR and Stevie had a title match to prepare for, at last Sunday's Ice To See You event. That match ended in defeat, with The NAK pinning Irn Jew to regain that titles, while Stevie Boy was laid out outside the ring and Kay Lee could not reach in far enough to break up the tag. Also on that card was Liam Thomson fighting Kid Fite to a time limit no decision, with Carmel nowhere to be seen.

Both teams are evened up, and experienced underwhelming results very recently. The score needs settled, and where better to complete the trilogy than in ICW's hometown of Glasgow. One match in Newcastle, one in Edinburgh, one in Glasgow. The time has come to finally settle who is the greatest partnership in ICW.

History, history, history. I've gone over BT Gunn and Wolfgang's history several times before. The cousins hate each other. To the point of homicidal tendencies. You can read "why" elsewhere on this website, but it has gone beyond "why". This is "how". How much do these two hate each other? In recent memory alone, Wolfgang has thrown BT Gunn off the balcony of the ABC. BT Gunn has responded by literally trying to decapitate Wolfgang. No more carnage is needed in this house. The destruction should stop before someone finally just plain dies.

But stopping destruction isn't ICW's style. ICW is the fuel you throw onto fires. ICW is the cheerleader of violence. ICW has decided to tie these two together in a Dog Collar match. For those unfamiliar with the concept, both men will have a dog collar tied around their necks and will be chained together. There is no way to escape from your opponent. You are there, within killing distance, until one of you "wins".

There is a high chance that nobody will "win" this, unless victory means wrapping a chain around your cousin's neck and hanging him from the top rope. Unless victory means coating your fist in a layer of chain and punching your cousin until he won't get up any longer. Unless victory means death, there will be no winners on Sunday. Only witnesses.

For the ICW #1 Contender Contract / Square Go Briefcase
Chris Renfrew v Grado
Justice. ICW may be all about destruction, but more often than not it is also about justice. Grado was robbed back in January, plain and simple. There are grey areas here and there regarding such-and-such technically not being eliminated, or so-and-so technically not entering the match correctly. That is history now. We have given up the campaign for Justice 4 Yum Yum. The debate there is over.

But what is not debatable, what is pure concrete fact, is that Grado got robbed. Grado eliminated Renfrew fair and square (go). He was the last wrestler standing. He should be in possession of that briefcase right now! But nope, Chris Renfrew took advantage of the referee taking his eye off the ball, snuck back into the ring, threw Grado out and made damn sure the ref saw that one, taking (illegal) possession of the Square Go briefcase and the ICW Heavyweight Title match contract within.

He has faked cash-ins since then. He has beat on Jack Jester. He has prowled Jack Jester, preyed on Jack Jester. He even legitimately attempted to cash it in back at Shug's Hoose Party, only to be stopped in his tracks by the returning Drew Galloway. But what he hasn't done is give Grado his due, a chance to finally gain what is rightfully his.

Grado and Chris Renfrew have had run-ins before. They've appeared in videos together. Renfrew claims he "made" Grado. They've tangled in a few tag team matches, recently trading the Tag Team Championship belts over the past month. But they have never, ever, to the best of my knowledge, squared (goed) up one-on-one, singles competition, inside an ICW ring.

The tension will be palpable. The most goodest of good guys, the man who makes everyone happy, the main man who convinced over a thousand wrestling fans that listening to Michelle McManus sing was a good thing, squares (gos) up against the baddest of bad guys, the man who attacks men, women and pregnant ladies without prejudice, the most rotten of eggs who hates everyone who isn't NAK 4 LIFE, and even most of those who are.

It is an age-old battle of good vs evil, of injustice and retribution. No clearer will the divide between the ICW fans be apparent than during this match-up. Will justice be served?

ICW Heavyweight Championship
Jack Jester (c) v Mark Coffey
For those who are unaware, Mark Coffey is no mere challenger. He is also the reigning Zero-G Champion, and I'm going to tell you a little about that right now.

Mark Coffey rose up in ICW during 2012 as part of a tag team with his brother Joe Coffey. They tasted victory, they suffered defeat. They for a brief time tried to Save Pro Wrestling. But that's mostly in the past now.

Mark Coffey's first one-on-one singles match in ICW was just over two years ago at Super Smoking Thunderbowl 2012, a defeat against Mikey Whiplash. Fast forward a fight with El Ligero and you get to There's Something About Maryhill, September 2013, Mark's third ever one-on-one match in ICW, once again against Mikey Whiplash. Except this time Whiplash is the Champion. Not "a Champion", but THE Champion.

Mikey had won the ICW Heavyweight title off of Red Lightning, then added the Zero-G title around his waist by defeating Wolfgang. Yet on the night in Maryhill, only the Zero-G championship was on the line. Mark Coffey won that night. In only his third one-on-one bout, he avenged a prior loss and became a Champion. But it wasn't enough.

Mark Coffey believes he was robbed that night, and many would agree. If the man pins the man, does he not become the man? Shouldn't Mark Coffey have a stake in the ICW Heavyweight title picture?

Finally, after six successful defenses, after a trading of the title with the phenomenal Fergal Devitt, after plying his Championship trade for almost a year now, Mark Coffey gets his shot.

Not that Jack Jester is short on opponents. Everyone from Dickie Divers, to Sabu, to Jimmy Havoc, to Drew Galloway, to Chris Renfrew/Grado, to probably James R Kennedy at this point, wants a shot at his belt. Everyone and their Uncle are staking a claim, giving this and that reason as to why they should be considered the true number one contender.

But only Mark Coffey can call himself the Real ICW Champion and genuinely get away with it. He has avenged his two singles losses in ICW. He won the Zero-G Championship twice in style. He deserves this shot. But he might epitomise the old saying - be careful what you wish for. Jack Jester is no mere wrestler. Jack Jester has inflicted and received horrible damage throughout the years. Jack Jester has recently had everyone he ever trusted turn on him in one way or another. Jack Jester has recently become so unhinged he has started attacking International Sex Heroes for trying to talk their way into a spot on the roster. Jack Jester is becoming unhinged. Jack Jester. Jack Jester. Jack Jester. Those are the six words we have heard invoked over and over as the face of ICW demolishes, wrestles and fights his way on top time and time again, seeing off challenges from anyone who dares step up to him.

It will take a showing of unspeakable bravery for Mark Coffey to dethrone Jester and take what the believes to be rightfully his. No man can really afford to lose here on Sunday night.

#1 Contender Match
Drew Galloway v Darkside
So we come to the end, the fight that an event was built upon. The return to in-ring ICW action for Drew Galloway.

Given free reign to challenge anyone on the roster, sans Jack Jester, Drew was of course going to aim for Darkside. You see, Drew isn't some mere "ex-WWE star". Drew Galloway was ICW Heavyweight champion, and on the night he left the promotion, Darkside was the man who defeated him for that title and honour.

Drew has a major score here to settle, and is looking to make his return to ICW a memorable one. But he isn't the only one bringing something to the party. Darkside recently saw off a four-way battle to become #1 Contender to Jack Jester's ICW Heavyweight title, a match he was meant to have almost straight away. It hasn't happened yet, no doubt in part to Jester's increasingly unpredictable ways.

As it is, this match has been announced as being for the #1 Contendership, with the winner going on to face whoever the ICW Champion will be at Fear & Loathing, ICW's flagship event in November, debuting at the Barrowlands venue.

This match is one for the ages, a bit of history revisited for the long-term ICW fans and a high-stakes introduction to Drew Galloway for the newer fans. As I said up above, you cannot buy tickets for this event, but get onto the Facebook page, trawl the streets of Glasgow, beg, borrow or steal your way into this show.


Noam Dar v Joe Coffey
These two have fought in London, these two have fought in Edinburgh. Twice they've produced Match Of The Night material, even Match Of The Year quality stuff. They are 1-1. It is only fitting that the "home" crowd of Glasgow get to bare witness to two of the greatest athletes of our generation facing one another once again.

I believe these two are on par to a Best Of 5 series but see to be honest, it could be Best Of 21 and I for one would never get sick of it. Roll on Sunday!


Zero-G #1 Contender's Match
Winner Gets A Title Shot At The Zero-G Champion At Next Month's "Spacebaws" Event
Joe Hendry v Kid Fite v Damo v Kenny

Joe Hendry and Kenny are on-the-surface partners who really, really hate each other. Damo hates their partnership in The Kennedy Administration, but Kenny has been helping Damo out a bit lately, leading to an uncertain alliance. Kid Fite has turned what was a perhaps-not-friendly but certainly respectful relationship with Damo into something a bit more personal, as he took jibes at Damo's wrestling school in comparison to his own. 

That is a big mix of antagonism, without even getting into any of the specific details. This match would be explosive on it's own right, but throwing into it the chance to become Zero G Champion, a title none of these four men have ever held before, could make this match historic.

There is of course the Fierce Females show along the road at Walkabout, kicking off at 2pm. If you don't fancy that, Box is once again putting on a pre-party tailored to the ICW faithful, with wrestling on the big screens, ICW cocktail menu (do not try the Gradobomb ladies and gentlefiends, it will blow your mind) and a WWE2K14 tournament. It's a great atmosphere - just don't indulge too much and forget about the show.

You won't catch me there however. I'll be at Fierce Females then probably running to get a good spot in the queue.

Final words - if you can't wait until Sunday to see Drew Galloway, you can catch him at BCW on the Friday. I'll also be there, so holler. Leaving you now with the ending of last week's Ice To See You event, warm feelings and excitement for the event on Sunday. I-C-DUB. I-C-DUB. I-C-DUB.

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