Tuesday 26 August 2014

FF - Strewth Sheila preview

Disclaimer: I wish I had done this weeks ago, but y'know... life and that. Here it is, but before we go any further - it is on Sunday, it will cost you £8, and if you like wrestling and stay anywhere near Glasgow, go to it.

Fierce Females - Strewth Sheila
Sunday, 31st August 2014 - 2pm
Walkabout, 128 Renfield Street, Glasgow, G2 3AL
Tickets: Available via the website above, but at this stage in the week you're probably best either heading to Rufus T Firefly's on Hope Street in the Glasgow City Centre where you can buy at the bar, or contacting Fierce Females to purchase tickets on the door.

Another important thing to note - 2pm start. Sunday afternoon wrestling!! Sounds good doesn't it? Know what else sounds good? 8 matches for £8. Value for money. Quid a match. These aren't just cheap matches though, these are the best of the best of wrestling. Believe it. Let's get going with the preview then shall we?

(Buy a ticket. Now.)

Layla Rose v Miss Cole
I'm going to throw caution to the wind here and lead out with the one match I know least about, because that is one of the big appeals of Fierce Females to me. I've seen a lot of wrestlers completely naive to who they were thanks to Fierce Females and fell in love with their careers as a result.

What little I know is that Layla wrestles out of Switzerland (and occasionally Germany), while Miss Cole is a local aspiring wrestler from the PBW Academy. This will be a really interesting match, both women being relatively new to wrestling and bringing two very different countries together in the ring.

A final word from one of the wrestlers:

Viper v Lana Austin
From the new, to the experienced. Viper has been at every Fierce Females event. She has a record of 5 wins and 4 losses, one of those losses being in a tag match after already wrestling on that card. That was one of the three times Viper has performed double-duty on a FF event. Viper has twice come incredibly close to capturing the Fierce Females championship. She is the voice of the lockerroom, bravely standing up to the spite of Carmel. She came to the aid of Leah Owens. She is the embodiment of Fierce Females in a lot of ways.

Lana Austin wrestles out of Manchester and has made a name for herself recently on a variety of English promotions and even recently wrestled in Switzerland. Trained by the GPW training school for the past two years, Lana will be hoping to make an impact in Fierce Females in a battle of the neighbouring countries.

Viper is essentially taking on the role of Fierce Females gatekeeper here. Not only has she got her own personal pride to protect, but the pride of a company too. This will be interesting.

Fiona Fraser v Courtney
We've had two firsts in Fierce Females, now it seems right about time to visit a match with a lot of recent history and bad blood behind it.

Coming Of Age, Fierce Female's relaunch show, saw Courtney make her bubbly debut to defeat Fiona Fraser in a result which many felt was a shock. You can view and decide for yourself, as Fierce Females graciously hosted the match for free on their YouTube channel:

From there, Fiona channeled her anger into her next match against Viper. Blatantly stating her admiration for Carmel's destructive ways, Fiona locked in a cross armbraker post-match and refused to let go, almost breaking Viper's arm in the process.

This anger continued on to the Mad Maxine event, where Courtney and Fiona would tangle in a rematch. From the get-go, Fiona targeted Courtney's arm and would not let up. Utilising a variety of agonising submission techniques, bar stands and the walls of Walkabout to brutalise her opponent, Fiona made Courtney tap out after toying with her for a while. This wasn't just about pain or revenge, it was about humiliation, but Courtney does not humiliate easily.

Despite the pain, Courtney applauded her fans as she made her way out of the ring, an action that caused a shocked reaction from Fiona Fraser. Can the unrelentingly positive attitude of Courtney overcome the destructively negative attitude of Fiona Fraser? Or will violence win out over joy? Sunday night is the night to find out as these two square off for the third time.

Update: Fiona Fraser has some words for Courtney ahead of their match.

Kasey Owens v Bete Noire
I feel awful for this. I really do. I love Bete Noire, think she's a fantastic wrestler and immediately leapt high into my standings when she made her Fierce Females debut. But I cannot get away from the fact that she is now 0-6 across all of Fierce Females' shows.

Kasey however is experiencing a great resurgence after suffering a horrible leg injury. Forced to watch her sister Leah and friend Viper taste defeat against Carmel and Sara back at Return Of The Queen Of Hardcore, she was then dragged into the ring and attacked herself. Standing up to them, Kasey and Leah fought back and defeated Carmel and Sara at the Mad Maxine event, forcing both women to stay down for the count of 10 in a tag team Last Women(s) Standing match.

Seeing Kasey fight back to victory, one can't help but imagine she will make short work of Bete and deliver 0-7, yet there is always that niggle. Bete's losses often come about due to her own "no regrets" style of action, which sees her push herself to the limits without any care towards the end result. But perhaps this will be the week, the event, the match where Bete will hone her destruction, target it fully towards her opponent, and get that first W at FF.

One can hope. At any rate, with the viciousness on display from Kasey at Mad Maxine, and the constantly strong styled brutality from Bete, this is a high chance of damage and destruction in what is my sleeper pick for Match Of The Night.

Leah Owens v Rhia O'Reilly
Remember earlier when I talked about new discoveries and how they were one of the main reasons I love Fierce Females? Rhia is one of those discoveries. Back in September last year I saw Rhia tangle with Erin Angel and Shanna at the XX: It's In Our DNA event. Although Rhia had wrestled for FF before, it was the first time I had actually seen her live. I don't know what it was, but something clicked, and I was in awe from then on. It feels like a lot longer than 11 months ago that I last saw Rhia live, but I am heavily looking forward to this match and her return. That is purely the fan in me talking by the way, and other than showing you where you can purchase her matches from that event (here), that is as much analysis as you are getting. Want to see what I mean? Come to the event.

For her part, Leah Owens never fails to entertain. She connects with the crowd, is exciting in the ring and has an enthusiastic spirit that never fails to bring a smile. After putting the Carmel and Sara business seemingly behind her, a fresh start in an equally as engaging opponent seems like the perfect start to the next chapter in Leah's career.

This will be a fresh competition showcasing two great women with Irish roots.

(One final point. As much as I hope and believe this is a fresh start for Leah and Rhia, I cannot forget that Rhia has tangled with Sara before, at ICW's Tramspotting event back in February 2013. I can only hope that Sara has forgotten, although with recent events there is scope here for Sara and/or Carmel to inject themselves into this match and attack either or both of the women. I hope not, but it's there.)

The Carmel Corner debuts
At the last show, Mad Maxine, the Fierce Females Champion seemed to breakdown throughout her match, tearing into the audience on the microphone and joining forces with sworn enemy Carmel Jacob to beat down Nikki Storm. Now seemingly aligned with Carmel and Sara, Kay Lee Ray has left a lot of people shocked and disappointed in these actions.

Widely regarded as the best female on the microphone, Carmel gets her own segment at Fierce Females dubbed the "Carmel Corner", after the movement of fans devoted to Carmel getting the recognition they feel she deserves, no matter the methods or means.

With this mixture of feelings and anger, this will no doubt be an explosive verbal segment. Here is Carmel's take on proceedings:

Sammii Jayne v Nixon
It's very easy to forget that Sammii Jayne actually debuted for Fierce Females 11 months ago at XX: It's In Our DNA, as her scheduled tag match went to a No Contest. What makes it even easier to forget is the absolute tear Sammii has been on since the Coming Of Age event in April this year.

On that night, Sammii defeated both Bete Noire and Viper, no small tasks in either match never mind on the same night, to become the number one contender to the Fierce Females championship. At the next event, Sammii headlined in a brawl with Kay Lee Ray which spilled out onto the street. Despite being defeated on the night, Sammii nevertheless looked very comfortable in such a prestigious spot.

At the last event, Mad Maxine, Sammii faced up to Bellatrix World Champion Liberty, defeating her in a match which featured a lot of impressive moves from Sammii. You can read more about that match here, but suffice to say it cemented Sammii's glowing reputation.

Facing her on Sunday is Nixon from Bargoed in Wales. I am a fan of keeping some mystery behind visiting opponents, but this will be another impressive debut I am sure. Nixon has not only wrestled all over England and Wales, she has also appeared on American TV as part of the NWA-SAW promotion in Tennessee.

A victory here for Sammii will be yet another big feather in her cap. A loss does not even bare thinking about. It will be extremely interesting to see not only what Nixon brings to the table in trying to defeat a rapidly rising star in Jayne, but also based on the past performances of this year, it will be interesting to see what fresh moves Sammii brings too. Intriguing.

Fierce Females Championship
Kay Lee Ray (c) v April Davids
One of the two Main Events on offer at Strewth Sheila, this is part of the "Pick Your Poison" stipulation.

At Mad Maxine, KLR, Carmel and Sara joined forces to physically beat down Nikki Storm and rob her of her shot at the FF championship. As a result, the stipulation was made that Nikki and Kay Lee would choose each other's opponents on Sunday.

KLR struck first, underhandedly, but we will discuss that soon. As a result, when Nikki chose April Davids as Nikki's opponent, Fierce Females owner Mikey Whiplash decided to make this a Fierce Females championship match as punishment for KLR's trickery.

April Davids was last seen in Scotland in March last year, and last at Fierce Females on their debut show where she was defeated in Tag Team action against The Owens Twins. Outwith Fierce Females, April Davids does have a victory, albeit via Disqualification, over Kay Lee Ray to her name. That was almost two years ago however.

A patchy experience in Scotland, with victory here tonight April would announce herself into the Scottish wrestling world with style. However that victory would not come easily. Kay Lee Ray is the first, current and only Fierce Females champion and it is not a title she is willing to give up.

Having secured the title by defeating both Rhia O'Reilly and Viper in the same night back in May 2013, Kay Lee has seen off Carmel in a Last Woman Standing battle, Viper and the visiting Amazing Kong in a Triple Threat encounter, the fight with Sammii Jayne which spilled out into the streets and the aforementioned fight with Nikki Storm that ended in nothing short of chaos. Each battle has seen Kay Lee dig deep and do whatever it takes to keep her hands on the championship that is very much every bit hers.

Nikki Storm & ??? v Sara & Carmel
The second of the "Pick Your Poison" Main Events.

As I hinted at before, Kay Lee Ray is one sneaky lady. When Mikey Whiplash announced the Pick Your Poison stipulation, Kay Lee jumped at the chance to add even more injury to Nikki, stating she wanted a 2-on-1 battle with her new allies Carmel & Sara. Mikey made the match, but with a twist - Nikki would be able to pick a partner to help her in a tag team encounter with "The Glamour Gym".

There is one problem however - Nikki Storm has not been the nicest lady herself. Notoriously self-centered, the "Best In The Galaxy" has alternately proclaimed her supreme dominance over the rest of the roster, or sought to "clean up" certain aspects of their personality, specifically with Leah Owens.

It seems difficult to see even Viper coming to Nikki's aid. Added to that the fact that near enough everyone involved in Fierce Females is already scheduled to fight, it seems likely that a true surprise will appear to help Nikki, perhaps another new debut. That does seem likely - but there is one other option.

I said near enough everyone involved in Fierce Females is scheduled to fight, but one name missing from this line-up is Debbie Sharp. I personally feel Debbie would have made an interesting fit - her dirty tactics used at Mad Maxine would have gelled with Nikki's own morally grey style - but unfortunately an injury has meant Debbie won't be appearing on Sunday night.

With question marks literally hanging over Nikki's team, it would be easy to forget that question marks hang over Sara and Carmel also. While the two united with Kay Lee Ray to see out the end of Mad Maxine, during their war with The Owens Twins Carmel basically abandoned her so-called friend and partner Sara. She left the match, and left her friend to fend for herself. Carmel only returned to the fray as she was dragged back by The Owens, and while Sara retained some sense of loyalty and returned to help her friend, Carmel screamed to Sara that she "had it". She didn't have it. Carmel was also kept down for the 10 count, and when she came to, there was an ominous chair sitting in the ring, begging for one of Sara or Carmel to use it.

They didn't. They seemed to settle their differences almost as soon as it flared up, and left together as a team. But the key word there is settled. I never thought I'd see the day that Carmel would walk out on Sara, so strange things can indeed happen in the world of Fierce Females. With such unknown dynamics at play, this is the most mysterious match-up on a monumental card.

8 amazing matches. £8. I need say no more.

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