Tuesday 26 August 2014

BCW - Homecoming preview

Disclaimer: I've only been to one British Championship Wrestling show before, but I absolutely loved it and so did the family. So the four of us are making the trip out to Kilmarnock once again for Homecoming on Friday. Here is what is happening.

British Championship Wrestling - Homecoming
Friday, August 29th 2014
Kilmarnock Grand Hall - 7pm
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Tickets: Only the £10 general tickets remain on sale (4 For £30) - no more Front Row or Second Row tickets remain, so no chance to see the pre-show match either - tickets can be bought via the box office on 01563 554 900.

As I mentioned above, I really enjoyed the last BCW show. It had Prince Devitt for the missus, Grado for the boys and surprise El Ligero for the wee mark in me. (Aye, alright, the wee mark in me was also mainly hooked by Prince Devitt and dragged the rest along with!)

The main man this time around is Drew Galloway, former two-time BCW Heavyweight champion and former WWE star under the name Drew McIntyre. He is joined by former WWE NXT stars Martin Stone and Joel Redman, formerly Danny Burch and Oliver Grey.

While Redman has a match announced, the other two have not. I can't see a Martin Stone v Drew Galloway match being announced, but it's one possibility. Keep in mind that current BCW Heavyweight champion Kid Fite also hasn't been announced in a match, so there are plenty of opportunities for surprise on the night.

All this might make it seem that BCW relies on so-called "imports", but nothing could be further from the truth. There is one or two special names on every card, but BCW is very much about the best of British, and that is what we've got in the announced matches so far. So let's get on with that.

BCW Openweight Championship
Noam Dar (c) v Kenny Williams
Woah. Woah. Hold on a wee second please. I know you are rushing to the phone to order your tickets right now, but hear me out. I've got some previewing to do.

Noam Dar is rightly regarding as the future of Scottish.... right, fine. I'll wait. Go buy your tickets.

Good? Okay. So, Noam Dar is rightly regarded as the future of Scottish wrestling. Wrestling here, there and everywhere for the past 6 years, for being only 21 years of age he has created an impressive resume on his way to over 250 matches. In BCW, Noam won the Openweight title back in December, seizing victory in a ladder match against Andy Wild, Davey Blaze, and Kenny Williams. He defended that title in an impressive showing against Kris Travis, before suffering a Disqualification defeat to Grado in June. A mixed showing so far, Dar will have his hands full to keep the belt against Kenny Williams.

Kenny Williams is rightly regarded as the future of Scottish.... wait a minute. I've heard this one before.

All joking aside, Kenny is no mere re-hash of Noam. Debuting at the tail end of 2012, Kenny has made a real impression on a variety of British promotions in that short space of time. His speed, style and enthusiasm in the ring is nothing short of contagious. Despite having a fair few experiences in title matches both on his own and as part of a tag team, Kenny has yet to win any gold in his short career.

A victory here for Kenny would cement his place on the Scottish wrestling map and see him shoot further up the rankings. A victory for Noam however would help silence on of the many young men making a splash on the scene and detracting from Dar's stake as 'the future'. We are all truly blessed to experience a match-up of this magnitude between two of the best young stars.

BCW Tag Team Championship
Just Uz (BT Gunn & Stevie Xavier) v The Models (Danny Hope & Joey Hayes)
Look, I don't know a lot about The Models, and I don't want to know. I love experiencing new things in wrestling fresh and naive. So I will leave that right here.

What I can say is that one of the absolute highlights of any BCW show or DVD, for me, is seeing BT Gunn and Stevie Xavier team up as Just Uz. I love it. A lot of you will know these two as heated rivals in the ICW promotion. If you find yourself in that boat, you will love Just Uz all the more for it.

From the Fatman Scoop styled intro, to the fast paced action inside the ring, Just Uz are truly greater than the sum of their individual parts. BT Gunn and Stevie on their own were already incredibly entertaining wrestlers, but combined together is just fact-paced awesome on a whole other level. Nothing more I can say here. Watch it.

Joel Redman v Johnny Moss
One of the three ex-WWE stars, Joel Redman, squares up to "The Vigilante" Johnny Moss.

Johnny is a physical specimen, but has found it difficult to gain true victory in BCW. Having twice been defeated by the Openweight champion and seen losses to BT Gunn, Joe Coffey, Doug Williams and Lionheart, only a victory over Joe in August last year stands out on Moss's CV for the last three years at BCW.

A victory over Joel Redman would go a long way to rehabilitating Johnny's BCW career. As well as a four month NXT Tag Team title stint with Adrian Neville, Joel is also the current RPW British Tag Team champion. Since returning to the UK in May, Joel has battled hard on the Butlins scene, often twice a day, so despite the prominent Tag titles in this paragraph, he is far from rusty in singles competition.

This will without doubt be a strong battle.

Grado & Kay Lee Ray v Liam Thomson & Carmel
This is without doubt the match of the night in terms of history and emotion. The historic battles between Carmel and Kay Lee Ray are well known and span years as well as a variety of promotions. Grado and Kay Lee Ray are no strangers as tag partners, having teamed up once before, but Carmel and Liam have their unity cemented, being partners outside of wrestling also.

Liam Thomson shockingly turned on his tag team partner Kay Lee Ray last August at BCW's Million Dollar Dream event, hitting her with the backcracker to score the pin in their victory over Mark Coffey and Carmel. Since then, at December's No Blood, No Sympathy XI event, Grado had Liam Thomson defeated but Carmel and Liam took it upon themselves to attack him after the match. Kay Lee Ray ran in to make the save, getting some small measure of revenge on Liam in the process.

So we arrive tonight. Both Grado and Kay Lee Ray have scores to settle with their opponents, but will that be enough to overcome the bond between Carmel and Liam Thomson? Whatever the outcome, this one will be violent.

So here we are. Four incredible matches announced with plenty of room for surprises. I personally believe that Grado & KLR v Carmel & Liam as well as Kenny Williams v Noam Dar are more than worth the asking price alone, and that's not even taking into account the returning Drew Galloway and what will happen with BCW Heavyweight Champion Kid Fite. This is not an event to be missed! Thankfully, there is still time to get tickets if you haven't done so already. From my experience, this is a very fun, family friendly promotion and a great opportunity to see some wrestlers you may already know from more adult promotions in a different setting, as well as some new wrestlers and surprises on top of that.

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