Monday 25 August 2014

Results: ICW - Ice To See You

Disclaimer: As promised, I wasn't providing Live Results from the scene here. Although I did put them up on Twitter (@AWBAblog) and Facebook. But I know some of you just follow the blog, so here are the belated results.

Billy Kirkwood came out to confirm that Jackie Polo would be on commentary again tonight. Also announced that ICW would be debuting in Dundee on October 10th! Cool.

Match 1 - Joe Coffey v Noam Dar
MC Simon Cassidy announced this match as a 20 minute time limit (time limit) so we all thought the Iron Man would go the distance with Dar. As it turned out, every match was announced with a time limit (time limit). Dar won via pinfall following a bridging cradle suplex. It was a great contest, despite a few cheap shots (Coffey hit Dar while in the middle of a handshake, Dar bit into Coffey towards the end) both opponents showed a lot of respect towards each other.

Match 2 - Darkside v Kenny Williams
Kenny absolutely dominated in this contest. It was electric. Still, Darkside didn't get to where he is in ICW without good reason. He managed to weather the storm of Kenny's attacks and the end result was Darkside wins via submission.

James R Kennedy humiliated Kenny after the match, slapping his young charge and forcing him to hold both the ropes and the curtain open for him, claiming it was tough love and that no-one, not the crowd or ICW, would appreciate Kenny the way Kennedy does.

Match 3 - Kid Fite v Liam Thomson
Both men battled strongly throughout this contest. The battled in the ring, and they battled in the crowd. They battled all the way to the bar where I don't know what happened, but Thomson returned with candle wax all over his back. The battle waged on long and hard, so long in fact it went to a 20 minute time limit Draw. There seemed to be burgeoning respect growing between the two former tag team partners - how long it lasts, who can say.

Mid-article disclaimer: I unfortunately had to miss the rest of the show from here on, so I can only go off the reports from Adam and Shug. Cheers for the back-up guys. If anything here isn't 100% factual, please chime up in the comments or on Twitter :)

Match 4 - Sweeney v Jackie Polo
Sweeney won via pinfall. I believe the finisher was a powerbomb.


Match 5 - Damo v Dickie Divers
Damo came out for his scheduled match with Jimmy Havoc, but instead Dickie Divers appeared in the crowd with a steel chair and challenged Damo to a match. I don't believe it was announced why Havoc wasn't there. Anyway, Damo won via pinfall. No idea the finish.

Wolfgang's music plays. After a while, Mark Dallas comes out to confirm that Wolfgang won't be appearing tonight.

Match 6 - Mark Coffey (c) v Sebastian Radclaw - Zero-G Championship match
Mark Coffey wins via pinfall.

Match 7 - Irn Jew (Grado & Colt Cabana) (c) v The NAK (BT Gunn & Chris Renfrew) v Kay Lee Ray & Stevie Boy - Tag Team Championship match
The NAK win. No idea who pinned who.

After the match, the ICW roster spilled out to attack The NAK. I believe Mark Dallas cut a promo on how it was time to stand up against them. He also seemed to settle things with Stone Cold Bobby Roberts. Colt Cabana was also announced as a member of the official ICW roster, and he will be back every August for the rest of his career. Cool.

Update: Here are the final 12 and a half minutes of that event:

Finally, thank you once again to Adam and Shug. Apologies if there are any mistakes. I should be able to provide more accurate results for BCW, Fierce Females and ICW this weekend, as well as previews. My missing half the show last night was unavoidable. If I am unable to provide Live Results in future, I'd recommend checking out WrestleRopes (@WrestleRopes), Hashtag Wrestling (@HashtagWrest), or Stramash Wrestling (@StramashWrestle). They are all usually quite on the ball. SnapmareNecks ( will no doubt have a cracking review up at some point where hopefully we'll all find out exactly what happened last night!

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