Saturday 23 August 2014

ICW - Ice To See You preview

Disclaimer: Unlike the previous four shows, I'm not promising Live Results. In fact, I'm outright saying I won't do it. I am going to watch the show, fully encapsulated in the action, and I am sure there will be many more sites out there with Live Results for ICW's historic 50th ever show. That said, if I get a chance later on the Sunday/Monday I will throw something together for all of you who come here for results. But live, on the scene? Not this week, sorry.

So here it is, Insane Championship Wrestling's 50th ever show, their 5th Sunday in a row with another one coming, their 4th show in a row at the Edinburgh Fringe in Studio 24, each one featuring Colt Cabana. So far, he has faced off against (and defeated) Grado, he has teamed up with Grado to capture the ICW Tag Team belts from The NAK, and he has defended those belts against Polo Promotions. What is in stock for him tomorrow night? Will The NAK get a rematch? Will Grado and Cabana complete their trilogy and see Colt return home with one of the ICW belts, taking it on a wee tour of America? Who knows!

Before all that, here is what we do know:

Liam Thomson v Kid Fite II
I've spoken at length before about these two and their bitter, bitter feud. You can read about that here. I'm not going to spend too much time going over old ground. These two former tag team partners are engaged in a war, of words and actions. Their I Quit match four weeks ago seemed to be the end of things, but this hatred runs deeper than even that. Kid Fite came out victorious in that encounter, forcing Liam to quit, and even managed to deliver a tea-bag to Liam. With insult added to his injury, you can be damn sure Thomson will be looking to inflict major damage on Kid Fite tomorrow night.

Joe Coffey v Noam Dar II
Sunday the 13th of July 2014. That was the day those who could attend ICW's second London show bore witness to one of the greatest matches of our lifetime. I couldn't attend, a tragedy I'm sure many of you can relate to. Thankfully, these two maestros of the art are set to lock-up once again, and this time I have the pleasure of watching. For pure wrestling masterpieces, these guys are two of the best, and there's really not a lot else to say here. Joe Coffey got the pinfall victory to further cement the opinion that he is one who should be in line for an ICW Heavyweight title run. If Noam Dar manages to get the win tomorrow night it will be another feather in the cap of the young man who is often hailed as the future of our sport, but is currently on a mission to prove himself here and now in ICW. This will be amazing.

Sweeney v Jackie Polo
It's hard to believe that last week was Sweeney's ICW singles debut, as he has been enforcing in the company for years. Yet there it was. Sweeney defeated Jackie Polo's hand-picked candidate, "Coach Trip", to earn a shot at the head of Polo Promotions himself. This has been a long-running feud. One of the most endearing images I can remember in ICW was Sweeney chasing Jackie Polo all around the Garage, and even out into the streets, following Polo around Glasgow as he sung his theme tune regardless. I believe this was away back in May 2013, while Jackie was engaged in his battle to seize control of ICW from own Mark Dallas. Dallas clung onto his promotion, defeating Jackie Polo "one on one", and it was Sweeney who had the pleasure of ejecting Polo from the venue that night at Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

While back then Sweeney was being paid to be Dallas' personal security, his rivalry with Jackie has now turned personal. Seeing the antics surrounding Jackie and Lionheart following the latter's injury at the hands of AJ Styles, Sweeney has once again injected himself in Jackie's life, aiming to put the arrogant one out of ICW once and for all. Now that he has earned the right to step foot into the ring, all that remains to be seen is what ICW's enforcer can do to show Jackie the exit.

Mark Coffey (c) v Sebastian Radclaw - ICW Zero-G Championship
While Jackie has his hands full with one psychopath, his Polo Promotions stablemate and ICW Zero-G Champion Mark Coffey has a whole other batch of crazy to contend with. Sebastian Radclaw was first seen in ICW at November 2013's "Fear And Lothian" event, where he was selected to take over from Dr Sean David on commentary. A write-up of that decision can be read here. Sebastian made an immediate impact on the ICW crowd, goading MC Simon Cassidy into performing a "Gremlin dance" and generally fitting right in to the madhouse.

Radclaw would appear between the ropes the month after at December's 100% Shenanigans in Glasgow, but unfortunately his teaming with Wolfgang and Stevie Boy only found defeat at the hands of the New Age Kliq. Despite this result, his bond with the ICW crowd was still strong, and I for one have been eagerly anticipating his return to action. What a way to return!

With Mark Coffey rightfully lauded by many as the "true" ICW Champion, he continues to prove it with every title defense. Mark is only getting stronger and stronger, so this will be a true test of Radclaw's resolve. With his off-kilter antics, maybe the strangely endearing one can find a way to Gremlin dance his way to victory where others have failed. This is certainly the wildcard of the night.

Jimmy Havoc v Damo
Speaking of wild, this is certainly the event for wild men. We have Sweeney looking for Jackie's head, and we have Sebastian looking to make Mark's spin. In Jimmy Havoc we have a man who is as comfortable spilling his own blood as he is his opponents.

Fans of ICW, heck wrestling in general for that matter, will be away of Jimmy's great betrayal of Jack Jester at the last London show. He left his then tag-team partner for dead at the hands of The NAK and proclaimed that if Jack was not removed from his City he would finish the job off. He promised to come up to Edinburgh and take either Jester's life, his championship, or both.

But with Jack Jester nowhere to be seen on tonight's card, Jimmy will first have to go through the beast of a man called Damo. Damo has had his own axes to grind recently but will no doubt take equal delight in taking a break from terrorising Joe Hendry to try and put a stop to Havoc's reign of destruction before it has a chance to take off.

Neither men are strangers to the ICW ring, but both employ vastly different styles. Damo is a man all about respect, having tried to talk the likes of Kid Fite out of a match when they weren't 100%. Havoc is all about disrespect right now, seeming to have his sights set on nothing but ICW Heavyweight gold and/or the death of Jack Jester. Both men employ equally impressive skillsets of strength and destruction, putting their bodies on the line time and again - Jimmy with his regular employ of weaponry, Damo with impressive feats such as his springboard dropkick from Shug's Hoose Party. Whoever comes out on top tomorrow night will no doubt have left a large part of themselves behind in Edinburgh.

Darkside v Kenny Williams
Speaking of men who are looking for Jack Jester's ICW Heavyweight belt, here is one who I, amongst many others, believed was due a title shot two weeks ago, having staved off Joe Coffey, Noam Dar and Kid Fite during the first Fringe show. But with no ICW Heavyweight title match announced, one can only wonder what is happening on that front.

(Personally I hold out hope that Darkside and Jimmy Havoc will somehow end up in a Triple Threat title match with Jester, but we'll move on...)

Whatever the outcome from that particular technical issue, what we can all appreciate are the skills of both Darkside, established ICW star and former champion, and Kenny Williams, relative newcomer and bright star for the future. That these two will be tangling tomorrow night is an event anyone can be happy with, with both having a lot to prove. Darkside will not want to be shown up by the younger competitor, while Kenny will be looking to add a major scalp to his record.

With two of the ICW championships yet to be announced as being defended, you can be sure of at least a few extra matches being added on the night. Yet look at what you have already. Kenny Williams. Noam Dar. The future. Joe Coffey. Mark Coffey. Darkside. Three of the greatest wrestlers of our generation. Damo v Jimmy Havoc. Two brutes from two different schools of thought. Sweeney. Sebastian Radclaw. The new unknowns. That is a card to be proud of, and a fitting end to a historic residence in our nation's capital. Colour me excited.

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