Saturday 7 June 2014

BCW - Heroes & Villains

Disclaimer: I wrote notes for this at the time and am only now trying to put them into some sort of context. Half of it won't even make sense to me, so good luck. Tempted to just post my notes and let you figure the rest out....

Saturday 19th April - Kilmarnock Grand Hall

Match 1 - BCW Openweight Championship:  Noam Dar (c) v Kris Travis
Original Notes: "Cracker, plenty of comedy spots, got a fan heavily involved, hair ruffling, clapping Travis hand. Won with a big kick (ADR) and an almost German brainbuster."

WTF Interpretation: Both of these guys are incredible wrestlers and played their parts to perfection. Normally you find with local, family shows that the heel takes the majority of the crowd interaction, generating heat etc. But for this one, Noam Dar was doing a lot of the hard work, singling out one fan to keep his jacket safe for him, ruffling Travis' hair and forcing him to clap his hands.  All great stuff.

I can't remember much of the specific match except clearly the ending involved a step-up Enzuigiri and some kind of brainbuster that reminded me of a German suplex. Love both those moves so I'm sure it was immense and I was marking harder than The Funky Bunch.

Match 2 - BCW Tag Team Championship:  Just Uz (Stevie Xavier & BT Gunn) (c) v Hubba Bubba Lucha (El Ligero & Bubblegum)
Original Notes: "unnanounced tag match... EL LIGERO, WTF?!?!?! Better than Devitt winning the zero G. Vs the champs Stevie and BT Gunn ; errbody dance now : suicide dives, bt Gunn Gunn powerbombed Stevie onto? Back. Why??? Stevie boy took an almighty dive from all 3. Looked over after a dual double stomp/ligero neckbreaker, but BT kicked out at 2. Great exchange of kicks from bt and bubble. Everyone shared rollups, then a double superkick led to the finisher of LOD clothesline."

WTF Interpretation: El Ligero was literally the only UK wrestler I hadn't seen live that I really wanted to, and I had been a fan of Just Uz but never seen them live. Being an ICW fan I can't tell you how odd Just Uz look to me. So, I was pretty amazed at how many specific notes I took for this match.

Not much else I can add to the above other than to say if you are an ICW fan reading this and see no reason to branch out, both Just Uz and El Ligero are THE reasons to branch out. Bubblegum was great too btw, no disrespect, but EL.... LIGERO...... UNANNOUNCED MATCH :|

Match 3 - "Bad Boy" Liam Thomson v Kenny Williams
Original Notes: "missed the start. Came back to chants of lets go Kenny//Liam sucks. Tornado DDT from Kenny blocked but turned into a clothesline out and a suicide dive & big dive back into the ring led to a near fall. End was a strange one. Kenny did a superman punch in the corner, Liam responded with a hanging clothesline in the other. Kenny handstanded onto the ropes which somehow dazed him so Thomson picked him up on shoulders, spun, dropped, backstabber."

WTF Interpretation: Kenny is amazing, Liam Thomson is amazing, and I spent much of this match either running to the bathroom with one of the kids or trying to explain to them why both guys are amazing. Hated the "groggy" opponent ending and I think I felt the Superman Punch should have been given more respect, but eh, what you gonna do.

Match 4 - Red Lightning v Grado
Original Notes: "1st half Main Event. Lightning took to the mic, Bad News Lightning declared to us to show some respect as he reclaims his throne as Scotland's number 1. Crowd having none of it, a McManus-less Madonna tune starts. Red right into heel tactics. Not starting match til smoke clears, claiming he's not 100% due to his asthma, rope breaks, etc. Usual early comedy spots from Grado with a few new ones, some Colt Cabana moves too. Failed F5 let Lightning make his comeback. Imitating Grado mannerisms and Cabana moves. Grado attempted the Pedigree. Hit roll and slice. Nearfall. Straps doon. Wee boot missed. Lightning DDT. Nearfall. Sloppiest Pedigree ever for the win."

WTF Interpretation: Despite the eldest boy's protestations, I totally bought into Red Lightning. His heel tactics were amazing, from demanding the smoke cleared to mocking Grado, I bought into him. He was, shock horror, funnier than Grado on this occasion. It's a shame as I feel I was a wee bit hard on Grado, but at the time it was just a great match, kids loved it, kudos to both. (I'm sure it wasn't the sloppiEST Pedigree ever btw. Hyperbole.)

Extra Notes: "Wee dance at end led to Petta messing up a cartwheel."

WTF Interpretation: lol poor Sri.

Match 5 - Joe Coffey v Bad Bones
Original Notes: "after the bell. Bad Bones typical heel, throwing his shirt in ref's face, antagonising crowd, refusing to be searched, etc. Iron Man chant. GRAPPLING! Bad Bones actually overpowering the Iron Man at points. Huge Joe dropkick. Massive spear in corner from Bad. Awesome Cesaro swings into sharpshooter from Joe. HUGE missile dropkick from Bad. Nearfall. Exchange of punches to chops to dual punches to Bones changing a lariat spin into Northern Suplex but Joe got a massive clothesline (from HELL?!) from the corner. Big splashes to bulldog. Some sort of pumphandled northern lights suplex thing. Missed with the lariat, Bad Bones capitalised with a Brainbuster-to-Knee (Gut Buster?), several nearfalls. Joe with a huge release German to a delayed German. Nearfall. Spinning lariat missed to a huge running double knee, Bad Bones wins.

WTF Interpretation: I'm sure Sharpshooter = Boston Crab, Lariat Spin = Discus Clothesline, and Northern Suplex = Northern Lights Suplex, the rest of it I haven't a scooby, but you get the gist. Big men doing big stuff. Awesome. It was actually refreshing seeing Joe lose for once. I love the Iron Man, but when Bad Bones overpowers you early on, it's really a matter of time. The type of match that makes you want to lift weights.

Match 6 - Davey Blaze v James Scott (standing in for Marty Scurll)
Original Notes: "Battle of the Take Me Out stars.... Gonna enjoy and not take notes..... ONE note, lots of outside work AND JS chopped a metal pole..... FINISH JS misses chair shot, Davey hoists onto shoulders, Diamond Cutter."

WTF Interpretation: Eh, ye wit?! Davey Boy hit a Diamond Cutter? Oh wait, should go back to the start. Basically, Marty Scurll was clearly too banged up to fight, but he still cut an impressive promo, claiming that a man of his calibre is above fighting the likes of Davey, and instead he got paid so much money just to show up that he could afford to hire someone else to fight on his behalf, which is where James Scott came in. Now, I loved the promo. I love heels and heel work. But it kind of didn't make either of Davey or Scott look good, and surely the point of bringing in outside talent is to ENHANCE the home talent? Of course if Scurll were to lose to Davey, that would have worked, but the angle of paying James Scott to come out kind of made them both look weak. A shame, was a good match though.

Bonus Notes: "nice moment in raffle"

WTF Interpretation: BCW had a raffle for some prizes, one guy (teens? early 20s?) won a few prizes and donated some to a young fan who looked heartbroken to have not won anything. Sweet moment, hope you're reading this fan, you're awesome.

Match 7 - BCW Championship:  Kid Fite (c) v Prince Fergal Devitt
Original Notes: "Devitt had fireworks. Another totem on his pole. No notes, enjoying it. Fite ran away haha..... A lot of imitations from Fite, kicked out of all of Devitt's finishes. Double foot stomp, kick out, a half-nelson esque DDT for win."

WTF Interpretation: Hey, I can't remember. It was Devitt though. DEVITT. (And he looked at me. We made eye contact. Sparks flew... then he flew and dropkicked Fite who was sat on a chair outside the ring. Belter.)

Only been to a few wrestling shows with the kids. It was a great experience, however if I'm ever going back to Kilmarnock I will make sure to get there early. Sitting up on the balcony was a decent enough view, but the atmosphere suffered. Being in association with A1 Comics was great for the kids, but not so much on my bank balance. That said, was good to leave with a few figures and a Sin Cara mask. Would I recommend BCW? From the few DVDs I've seen and this event, I surely would. This was a well balanced card featuring strong men, colourful characters and engrossing matches.

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