Thursday 31 July 2014

AWBA: Notes from FF - Mad Maxine

Disclaimer: This is just a bit of nonsense really :-)

A lot of people (well, a fair few... okay a couple... right, one person) asked me about my note-taking technique and how I create my reviews. Well, simply put I never go to a show with the aim to review. I go to watch, rapidly type some notes on my phone as a series of txts to myself, and try my best to decipher them as soon as possible while the memory is strong.

When it isn't, you get what my BCW review became. When it is, you get my review of the last Fierce Females show.

Here are the raw, completely unedited, original txts I sent myself. From these, I got that. Enjoy (or don't, see if I care....

.... I love you don't ever leave!)


1st match

Mic problems problems, Saraya v Bete first, slapnfromnsaraua, sidewalk slam saraya delayed drookick yonghe crotch, that's bo bj d, fope fake. Bete chops in corner, eye poke from saraya, crazy ddt from saraua, bete got the stock, couple of 2 counts (released dishermans suplex), superplex from bete, (sarayabearlier rwsched the ropes), brutal clotheslines dron saraya, pinched her ass

Bete submitted after a surfboard, legs under arm then around throuat

Debbie Sharp demands the crowd be split so she can get to the ring, v Penelope

A lot of wristlocks, Penelope trying to get the crowd on side, reverse a wristlock by performing a handstand

Didna modified cerson to reverse a headlock

Penelope had some amazing nkves, Enzeguiris, armdrav ggat runs the ropes, superkock. Debbie had heel tactics, standing on the toes, etc, a codebreaker rolled through,

Boston crab from Debbie managed to roll through, almost and rnzeguiri from sitting, , hurricanrsna from the corner from P forn2, Debbie gighs back, P ducked a clothesline, hit a neckbreaker

P misses a swanton, 2 for Debbie, then a sitting neckbrwaker and 3, pilling the tights

Liberty v S Jayne, liberty came out with her belt, lots of tests of strength to start, split crowd

Neck and nrck, exchanging rollups etc. Sammi has a very hunter look about her, stalking Liberty. The side splash into cofner to the apron, Sammit hit a stubber so lob hit the top rope and sammi landed on the floor. Sammi now in control.

S hit some awesome dropkickz throught to match

L regained momentum with a stubber.

S avoided the over and up for a German suplrx... L hit and awesome fall away slam.... Neck and neck..... L hit a cool flying clothesline fro 2, went for another but Sammi slid out the ring, baseball slide, tripping her in the process, then leapt back in twisting jnto an awesome cutter to wkn

Tag match, loads, gonna write from memory

V goes habdshake, cfiwd chanting, s lgoes for slap, elbows in corner from v, lockup arojbd ghenting , viper takes control with clubbing hits

Brutal clotheslines, shouldemlocks, s double ax handle from turnbuckle, viper went for viper bomb too early, ate the top turnbuckle instead,

Viper ijvites s to fucking hit her, flurry of slaps, viper gits a rough clothesline, then the sit on the chest, then gbe kos bodyslam for 2. S ralloes, somersault neckbteaker from 2nd rope for 2. Crowd firmly behind vioer

As s intimiasdatss. Ref

S tells v to sit down you far itch, viper responds with the sitdosn slam thing to win

Fiona working over Courntrys left arm

Courtney had some innovative breaks, Fiona using gbe rkod etc, running codebreaker from C after a while. Runs for a spear and FIona throws her through gbe ropes. Fiona smashed courtneys arm into bar bits and the wall, almost won by cintout but dragged Courtney in at 9 to incoifcg more damage

Armbbraker into a pin attempt, into a fill armbreaker. Courtney taps

Usual start, klr springing out the cotber with a huge punch, goes for a suicide dice but Nikki punchs dron the fkkoot thena sunset flip. Double clotheslines, BEAUTIFIL snapmare

N seems upset at herself for rubbing klr face in gtoind, zplogiddd go ref then hits a neckbteaker for 2. Llr comes back , n face first ib cofnef, drokkick, kbees,

Klr seems desperate, pulling hair, vocius dropkick, shouting at a fan, puts Nikki in a headlock buy n gryd ip, tries to run the ropes but klr oulls her hair

Nikki toom to top rip rtobiutdidd, klr suicide divr, n caught klr in a Boston crab, half crab

Coming off fopd

Klr camel clutch using the 2nd ripe

Klr kicked out if finisher, n took ti to rope, klr ducked, enzefuiri from kpr, 2 count,

Nikki got the firemans carry move thing drover, 2 cpunt

Klr missed swanton and landed on head, Nikki hit driver again but klr got the rope at 2

Kpr hit fade to black NO gory bomb, then Swanton, n kicked out, klr got a chair

Went for gory, Thomas mo dr the chair, enzeguiri

link to ringbelles etc

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