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LR: ICW - Get Mendoza!

Disclaimer: This event has Sold Out. Even if you want to go now, you can't. Take solace with me however, as I've been promised live results from the event and will keep you up-to-date here with as much information as I can garner and a wee smidgen of good humour to dull the pain that is missing ICW Sunday.

(Experimenting with SPOILER tags to keep this post mostly about the Updates - stylistic feedback welcome )

Not going to do a full-on preview like I normally do, but I can give you a wee rundown of the night's scheduled events. Four matches have been announced - Grado v Colt Cabana II, The New Age Kliq's Dickie Divers v The Sumerian Death Squad's Dante, another NAK v SDS singles match with BT Gunn v Tommy End, and a #1 Contendership 4-way match for the ICW Heavyweight title between Noam Dar, Darkside, Kid Fite and Joe Coffey. Read more by clicking here:

First up we have Grado v Colt Cabana II - their match last year at Dave's Not Here was a tour de farce of how to do great comedy and great action. The Youtube buildup was a great piece of fund, I honestly don't see how they are going to top it this year but I am envious of you all getting to see it live. Here is the ICW Worldwide show featuring Grado v Colt Cabana I to keep you going until Sunday:

BT Gunn v Tommy End is very much on the opposite end of the wrestling spectrum. Two bona fide murderous maniacs facing off against each other one on one for potentially the prize of owning a skull, BT Gunn fresh off of square killing Wolfgang and destroying The Bucky Squad's spirit and Tommy End not shy of some casual kidnapping. Normally found in the tag division with The NAK and Sumerian Death Squad respectively, in case you didn't know, these two can GO in singles competition. BT Gunn is a former 2 time ICW Heavyweight Champion and Tommy End can count amongst his many accomplishments a year+ reign as wXw Unified World Wrestling champion defeating many great challengers during that time. This is going to be intense.

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Up next we have The NAK's Dickie Divers taking on the Sumerian Death Squad's Dante in a continuation of the feud.... wait a minute, how did that video get up there? I think I'm going to stop talking about the SDS right now, they may be watching me...

That's right, the "International Sex Hero" D.C.T. may be making an appearance on Sunday night. But from possibilities, to definites, we have Kid Fite v Joe Coffey v Noam Dar v Darkside in our Main Event, with the winner taking on the ICW Heavyweight Champion (which, barring any unscheduled title match, will be Jack Jester) at the August 10th show. Let's have a quick run-down of our competitors - Noam Dar is continually touted as the next big thing in Scottish wrestling and is desperate to prove his place on the ICW roster; Darkside is a former 2x ICW Heavyweight champion who has been wrestling the best matches of his career lately; Kid Fite is a man who has had a rough time in the ICW Tag division of late, but after cementing his victory over former partner Liam Thomson in an I Quit match this week, will be eager to put his name on the singles division; finally we have Joe Coffey and you'd have to be blind not to see the buzz surrounding the Iron Man right now, having emerged from a grueling series with Darkside sporting a new attitude, a new moniker, and victories over the likes of BT Gunn, Noam Dar and Jack Gallagher in absolute wrestling clinics.

I can see Dante and BT Gunn splitting the victories in their singles matches, Colt Cabana getting the W against Grado to set up some shenanigans throughout the month, and Joe Coffey simply feels like the right man at the right time.

Check back here regularly the night of Sunday August 3rd for as best updates as I can provide, mostly from my man on the ground, Paul Docherty, and video credit to Stramash Wrestling.

Billy Kirkwood vine:

Billy Kirkwood introduces Jackie Polo to mixed response. Jackie Polo spends ages walking around, some reports saying as long as 5-10 minutes. Some "This Is Wrestling" chants seem to be in positive response to the negative crowd reaction at last month's Shug's Hoose Party. Jackie Polo announces "This Is Your Life" will return at 1.21 Gigawatts Great Scott on August 31st.

First Match - 4-way Elimination for #1 Contender to ICW Heavyweight Title
Kid Fite v Joe Coffey v Noam Dar v Darkside

First elimination: Kid Fite eliminated by Joe Coffey (Pinfall, Discus Lariat)
Second elimination: Noam Dar eliminated by Darkside (Pinfall)
Only the two IRON MEN left, Darkside and Joe Coffey famously competed in a variety of matches this year that showed both as the premiere men on the Scottish wrestling scene. Darkside is a former 2x Champion while Joe Coffey, despite tasting success in other companies, has not felt ICW singles gold yet. Intriguing final two.

Darkside victorious, makes Joe Coffey submit to a chokehold following a distraction from NAK stablemate Chris Renfrew. Darkside hit Coffey with a lowblow before delivering the final hold.

First Match winner and NEW #1 Contender to the ICW Heavyweight title, Darkside

Segment - Chris Renfrew vents his frustrations following his botched cash-in at Shug's Hoose Party and the general state of affairs at ICW. Issues an Open Challenge and puts his title shot on the line. Teases Wolfgang's theme tune, but it was all a ruse once again.

Segment - Stevie Boy & Kay Lee Ray appear, however Liam Thomson & Carmel interrupt. A brawl erupts between the four, not an official match yet, just fighting in the crowd. Wait, BELL HAS RUNG, A BELL HAS RUNG, this is now a match!

Second Match - Stevie Boy & Kay Lee Ray v Liam Thomson & Carmel Jacob (Mixed Tag)
Winners - Stevie Boy & Kay Lee Ray (Pinfall, combined KLR Gory Bomb and Stevie Neckbreaker to Liam Thomson, both piled on him for the pin)

See the finisher:

Segment - DCT comes out stating he is awesome and should be the face of ICW. ICW Heavyweight Champion Jack Jester interrupts the "International Sex Hero" stating that if DCT thinks so highly of himself, Jack Jester will give him an ICW title shot!!

(c) Paul Docherty / Chris Docherty (Facebook)

See videos (x3) from Stramash:

And an exclusive from Paul:

Third Match - Jack Jester (c) v DCT for the ICW Heavyweight Title

Winner - Jack Jester (Pinfall, Tombstone Piledriver, Jester slaughters DCT, beats and chokes him with a belt, and leaves immediately after - could this be the sign of a more angry, aggressive and (dare I say) heel-y Jester? DCT has to be carried back by Security)


Fourth Match - Dickie Divers v Dante
Dante starts off strong with a killer Spear which gets an immediate 2 count and a huge reaction from the crowd. Dante ends the match with the same Spear.
Winner - Dante (Pinfall, Spear)

Tommy End is in the ring before Dante can even leave, it's go time already!

Fifth Match - Tommy End v BT Gunn
End result of this one is "This Is Awesome" chants and huge fan appreciation for both wrestlers.
Winner - BT Gunn (Pinfall, modified Michinoku Driver/Fireman's carry-to-Facebuster. Took two to finish off Tommy)

Click for 2 videos:

As an aside, I'm currently 2 for 3 of the announced matches, only Cabana v Grado to go. "Colt Cabana! It's Yersel!" chants are shaking Studio 24.

Sixth Match - Colt Cabana v Grado
"Match" starts as a Dance-Off, Grado comes out in full Colt Cabana get-up. Cabana doing Grado impressions also.

Click for a video:

Winner - Colt Cabana wins (Pinfall, GTS - Go To Sleep)

Segment - NAK are out to ruin the party however! Attacking both Colt Cabana and Grado! Cabana issues a challenge for next week - The NAK vs Colt Cabana & Grado!! The NAK however say "No!" and leave.

Not so fast! ICW owner Mark Dallas comes out and makes the match official. The NAK have no say in it, the tag match is happening next week! Colt Cabana spits Irn Bru at The NAK as the crowd goes wild!

Thanks for reading and keeping me entertained. Hope you enjoyed the videos and pictures, was quite a hassle getting it all online. Will continue to update as more media comes in. Share this link, let people know, click on Paul and Stramash's links up there (and cheers to everyone else who txt me etc throughout the show). I'll hopefully be doing the same next week.

My predictions were 75% accurate btw ;) belter.

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