Thursday 11 September 2014

PWE - Fallen Angel preview

Disclaimer: I've never been to a PWE show before so I'm not entirely up to scratch on their kayfabe. Could be a professional and do my homework but 1, I'm not getting paid for this and 2, I actually LOVE when wrestling hands me surprises, and going into a company blind is one of those few surprises. So, short and sweet, here we go.

Pro Wrestling Elite - Fallen Angel
Saturday, 13th September 2014
Ayr Town Hall, New Bridge Street, KA7 1JX
Doors at 6.15pm, First match at 6.45pm
Tickets: Tickets are still available on the door, either General (£12.75) or Family Of Four (£42.50)

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So PWE eh? Grado's their champion, Christopher Daniels is paying a visit and El Ligero is gonna be there. I'm excited. Here's why!

First ever PWE Tag Team Champions crowned
Project Ego vs The Coffey Brothers
The NAK vs Martin Kirby & ???

So there you have it. Originally billed as Project Ego v The Coffey Brothers for the first ever Tag Team championship in PWE, it will now be one half of Project Ego, Martin Kirby, plus a partner of his choice taking on The New Age Kliq. Still for the title, but there may not be physical belts to award the winner. However, if the winner is the NAK it's probably for the best - they have a tendancy to destroy belts.

Fatal 4-Way
Big Damo v Iestyn Rees v Dave Mastiff v Johnny Moss
This will be the battle of the bruisers. I am aware of Johnny Moss, having seen him in action a few times, and am a big fan of his intense style. I once accidentally bumped into him and he is genuinely made of stone. That man is a pile of bricks with skin stretched out on top of it.

Big Damo is also a favourite of mine. For someone so large, he can move. Big kicks, even a springboard dropkick, and plenty of sentons are the order of the day.

The other two I am less knowledgeable of. I've heard Dave Mastiff's name, seen a few videos, and am aware he was the PWE champion until recently. Having wrestled for over a decade, and with a name like "The Bastard", I am excited to see him live for the very first time.

Iestyn Rees is news to me. He must have chops to battle with these three behemoths. I am excited to see what he can bring to the table!

Joey Hayes v El Ligero
I love El Ligero. I've only seen him live once, but I adore watching the man wrestle.

Joey Hayes is another guy I've only seen live the once, but he really impressed me with his smooth, quick and fluid motions.

To say that these two guys and their styles should compliment each other well is an understatement. If you're pondering whether to come or not on Saturday night, do a quick YouTube search of both of these wrestlers and be convinced. This will not be a match to be missed and is my pick for potential Match Of The Night. Fast flowing, energetic and high-flying action should be the order of the day, with plenty of exchanges we'll all have trouble keeping up with.

Liam Thomson v Andy Wild
These two wrestlers are very well versed in each other, having put on some incredible Main Event matches in other promotions over the years, but this is the first time they have faced of in PWE since a few mixed gender tag matches back in 2011.

I'm a huge fan of Liam Thomson. Whether on his own or teamed with Carmel, he exudes a charisma of simply owning the ring he is in. The "Bad Boy" knows how to work a crowd but more importantly, he doesn't care. He doesn't care what you, I or his opponent thinks or feels, all he wants to do is show up, break some backs and walk away the winner.

I miss Andy Wild. Having last seen him in person back in January, I've really been missing the bloke. I'm not even entirely sure what it is about him, I can't point to specific character traits or big spots he does,

Gradomania running wild!!
The story on everybody's lips since July has been that of Grado becoming PWE Champion. Defeating Dave Mastiff in what was apparently a 20 minute classic in an incredibly atmospheric night, (almost) everybody's favourite Grado finally achieved a dream, of becoming Heavyweight Champion.

The Gradomania experience is set to keep on rolling on Saturday, but what this means is anyone's guess. Will Grado defend? Will he simply come out with his shiny new belt and address his adoring fans? Will he be Martin Kirby's tag team partner and look set to gain two titles in one promotion? Will he pull off the wig and reveal that he was Christopher Daniels all along? Who knows!?

Christopher Daniels v Noam Dar
This is it. I am a huge proponent of UK wrestling, particularly Scottish wrestling. There are a ton and a half of dream matches I want to see on these fair shores. My top ten wrestlers in the world right now barely has any room for anybody not British. I had my interest piqued back in July when I heard about the amazing night when Grado won the title. I'll always be interested in seeing Noam Dar wrestler, no matter the setting or opponent.

But Christopher Daniels took my money. The chance to see the Fallen Angel live and in person is the main reason I am driving to Ayr with my girlfriend and our kids in tow. To see the Best Moonsault Ever for my very eyes, to witness a human leap to the second rope, then the third, then dive backwards with all the majestic grace of an eagle, got my money from the bank to the booking office.

Words cannot describe how excited I am at this. Christopher Daniels, one of the best American wrestlers in my opinion, taking on Noam Dar, one of the best in Scotland. Seeing as I cannot use words to put my feelings across, here are some videos for you - the first showcasing the physical talents of Noam, the second the verbal taunts of Daniels.

But before we proceed - there are still tickets available on the door for this event. Come along. Make the journey to Ayr, whether it is five feet from your door or fifty five feet on the motorway, you will not be disappointed.

There are a few wrestlers I am excited to see live for the first time, but the ones I have seen before - Chris Renfrew, BT Gunn, El Ligero, Joey Hayes, Johnny Moss, Damo, Andy Wild, Liam Thomson, Grado and Noam Dar - that is the most fantastic line up around. Speed, agility, grace and personality, I can vouch for each and every one of them.

Here are the videos, hope to see you there:

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