Thursday 26 June 2014

AWBA: FF - A Brief History

Disclaimer: This was intended as the intro to my Mad Maxine preview, but ended up taking on a life of its own. I hope you enjoy this brief history of the Fierce Females story so far.

Fierce Females - Mad Maxine
Sunday 20th July - 7pm doors, 7.30pm showtime
Walkabout, 128 Renfield Street, Glasgow, G2 3AL
Tickets available via or in person at Rufus T Firefly's, 207 Hope Street, Glasgow, G2 2UW - Priced at only £10 each!

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I plan on doing a more in-depth look (or looks) into the history of Fierce Females, but in order to properly set the scene I'm going to provide you with a short summary of events so far.

The year was 2012. The month was September. The venue was The Arches. And the company was then called ICW: Fierce Females, an affiliated "sister" promotion of Insane Championship Wrestling run by Mikey Whiplash. The first show hosted a variety of talent on a great card, starting with "Miss Nicola" Storm taking out Fiona Fraser and ending with a brutal Last Woman Standing match officiated by current ICW Champion Jack Jester which saw Kay Lee Ray and Carmel fight all over the ring, the ringside and even the unforgiving concrete confines of The Arches.

From there, the company grew to The Garage in May 2013, as Kay Lee Ray overcame two challenges in one night to be crowned the first ever ICW: FF Champion, seeing off Rhia O'Reilly in the semi-final then Viper in the final.  The show also boasted Carmel Jacob overcoming Canada's own Leah Von Dutch and another visitor, Crazy Mary Dobson, making such an impression in her war with the ever-hardcore Bete Noire that she was booked the very next night in a match with Jack Jester and Jimmy Havoc (well I say match... as anyone who has seen that instant-classic will testify to, it was a war on par with the battle with Bete). Both of these shows have been released on a pair of great DVDs.

Third up was a show in The Classic Grand in September, a little under a year on from the first ICW:FF show. This saw a great mixture of homegrown and visiting talent - the English (Ayesha Ray), Canadian (Portia Perez), Irish (Rhia O'Reilly) and American (Crazy Mary Dobson) were all represented along with Carmel, Kay Lee Ray, Viper, Fiona Fraser, Bete Noire, Nikki Storm and many more. It was an amazing night showing the best of both worlds - and I haven't even had to mention the Fierce Females debut of former WWE and TNA star Amazing/Awesome Kong!

This would be the last Fierce Females show to feature so heavily foreign talent, and also the last to come with the ICW moniker. It is the first show to be featured on digital download however, so if you are interested head over to the Fierce Females website to view each match and keep for as little as a few pounds/dollars.

As hinted at above, with the new year came a new name and a new attitude. Fierce Females would from now on be known only as Fierce Females, and the ethos was a rebirth of sorts. I did terrible injustice to the first of the new shows hailing from the Source Wrestling School, but the smaller venue, more intimate show and fresh focus on local talent made for a compelling evening, that saw a one night only tournament crown a new #1 Contender in Samii Jayne, and the entire locker room band together to stand up to Carmel Jacob and Sara, otherwise known as The Glamour Gym, and their dastardly ways.

The follow up show, extensively reviewed here, saw Samii Jayne take on the returning Kay Lee Ray in a match that made its way out of the venue and spilled onto the streets and even onto a car, The Glamour Gym tried to permanently take out at least one Owens Twin, and Nikki Storm come out on top in another one night only tournament to be the current #1 Contender.

Coming Up Next
So here we are, and now the scene is set. Mad Maxine is right around the corner and coming up next I will detail a bit more extensively what each match means in the context of the past and future of the company. Stay tuned, check out the events that have gone before, and for the love of Foley get yourself along to Mad Maxine. Meanwhile, now may be a good time to pick a side. Are you with the forces of The Owens Twins, or are you with the #CarmelCorner? Do you want to see underhanded tactics taken out of Fierce Females, or do you condone violence and victory by any means necessary?

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