Sunday 13 July 2014

LR: ICW - What's Your Boggle?

Disclaimer: I can now verify these 100%. Read my preview/predictions first por favour.

Insane Championship Wrestling - What's Your Boggle?
Sunday 13th July
o2 Academy Islington, N1 Centre, 16 Parkfield Street, Islington, London, England, N1 0PS

Live Results from my correspondents on the scene (I'm missing it =( ):

Commentary being provided by Billy "F'ing" Kirkwood and Jackie Polo

Mark Coffey defeats Kenny Williams to retain the Zero-G Championship (via Pinfall w/ 'shenanigans')
My Prediction: Kenny Williams to win (0/1)

Damo defeats Darkside via Pinfall
My Prediction: Damo to win (1/2)

"Damo" (c) @MrDavidJWilson

Joe Coffey defeats Noam Dar via Pinfall - In what many are calling a Match Of The Year candidate.
My Prediction: Joe Coffey to win (2/3)   

BT Gunn defeats Wolfgang via Pinfall
My Prediction: I didn't place a prediction here, so 2.5/4 ?

"Wolfy in trouble" (c) @MrDavidJWilson

Rob Cage has joined the NAK. Rob Cage was last seen in ICW on the last London show where he aligned with Jackie Polo and Sha Samuels in the losing side of a 6 man tag match. Previous to that, he was defeated by James Scott at There's Something About Mary(hill). With James Scott now aligned with the NAK as Darkside, will there be any bad blood left between the two?  

Apparently there was a bad vibe from the crowd during the match, some drinks being thrown around in the NAK's direction. Also, Wolfgang appears to be in a bad way following BT Gunn's victory according to initial reports. Wolfgang thought he had the match won within seconds, but had been involved with an imposter BT Gunn, who turned out to be Rob Cage.

 "Not BT Gunn" (c) @MrDavidJWilson

The real BT then entered the match and the NAK proceeded to destroy Wolfgang, so much so that the big man ended up with a concussion. The referee to his credit had to be physically dragged into the ring by the NAK and threatened with violence before he counted the pin and awarded BT Gunn the victory. Crowd is loud but are throwing drinks towards the NAK which, no matter what you think of them, is absolutely not on. We do not condone this. 

Graeme Burley captured the following footage from the crowd, showing the initial dupe, the entire BT Gunn v Wolfgang 'match', and the altercations with the fans. A lot of the fan stuff is captured as Graeme was standing right by them. I hope this footage shows what idiots they were and in no way glorifies them.

Anyway, more to the point, the footage is pretty brutal. Hopefully Wolfgang comes out the other side of this horrendous attack to make a full recovery.


Not got a lot of news as it was intermission time, however I have just received a txt that simply reads "Bucky Boys".... your guess is as good as mine at this point...

The Bucky Boys defeat The London Riots to retain the ICW Tag Team Titles
My Prediction: I said The London Riots would win, but that was against Stevie Boy & Greg Burridge. No idea what happened during this match so it's no in bold but seems the actual Bucky Boys ....

Stevie Boy & Greg Burridge defeat The London Riots to retain The Bucky Boy's ICW Tag Team titles (via ??? Pinfall)
My Prediction: I predicted the opposite. Despite initial confusing reports, it would appear that Stevie Boy and Greg Burridge where the men fighting tonight (2.5/6)

"Stevie Boy getting doused" (c) @MrDavidJWilson

Grado defeats Sha Samuels via ???
My Prediction: A pessimistic idea that Samuels would win. I was wrong, It's Yersel, like a dream to me, etc (2.5/5)

Jack Jester & Jimmy Havoc v The NAK (Chris Renfrew & Dickie Divers) finish as a No Contest/ No Decision - from what I understand, the match sprawled out of the venue!
My Prediction: I didn't pick a winner so I'm claiming it for 3.5/7 overall. Not bad.

Jimmy Havoc has turned heel on Jack Jester and utterly destroyed him, leading to the No Contest decision. Havoc did not however join the NAK as some have claimed. Jimmy Havoc is out for only himself and the ICW Heavyweight title and will challenge Jack Jester for the belt at one of the four Edinburgh shows in August.

Photo (c) Scott Reid via Facebook

There you have it. Thank you for following along with me. If anything needs revised I will edit over the next hour or so as reports come in, but I believe the above to be 100% from various sources. Was fun and infinitely looking more forward to Shug's Hoose Party now.

Final Word: From all accounts, the crowd was actually decent besides the drinks throwing. I am not one to tar anyone with the brush of others. Drinks get thrown at shows, it sucks and those who do it should be given a stern warning and/or chucked out of the venue. By the sounds of things it was a great show and I don't think the atmosphere was ruined by the silly few. The main event seems to have gone down a storm amongst many, though I personally don't like the thought of Jester being set upon.

Anyway, with 700 views during the course of posting this, you guys have easily more than triple surpassed my last record and it is still growing. Thank you all for helping take the sting out of missing this show, thanks to my awesome girlfriend and everyone else who kept me updated - you are the true ones who should be getting any credit. Enjoy the rest of the blog and I'll see you at Mad Maxine on the 20th or Shug's Hoose Party on the 27th. Long live local wrestling.

 "Jimmy Havoc" (c) @MrDavidJWilson


  1. It was perhaps two empty beer cups into the ring and one half-full beer to the back of someone on the outside. The guy who threw the half-full one was, to be fair, a drunk obnoxious tw*t screaming about rape every 2 minutes like he was the funniest fan in the world but it was terribly minor stuff in reality, the review makes it seem like a brewery was being thrown! :) Dallas came out and made his view clear on it and the crowd supported him on it.

    Wolfgang looked to have taken the double stomp from BT Gunn hard, Gunn's heels looked to have hit him really hard in the back of his head and Gunn himself almost slipped off his head. Crowd was very vocal for nearly the entire show, only opener had a few quiet moments.

    1. Thanks for the comments fanaticaluk. For clarity, I wasn't there. Can only go off the reports I was getting from the crowd and anything posted on Twitter. Glad you've added your point of view for those of us that couldn't go, really helps provide a better picture of how the show went :-)