Monday 14 July 2014

AWBA: Breaking Baws

Disclaimer: Branching out a wee bit from talking about wrestling, to talking about folk that talk about wrestling. Breaking Baws is the first of that.

Breaking Baws // Facebook // Twitter

Four guys, four podcast jobbers. Breaking Baws is at its core four pals chatting about wrestling.

But it's four guys with a mission statement as well - to get Scottish wrestling the exposure it deserves. It's a mission statement I fully support. There are a ton of companies putting on fantastic shows all across the UK right now based from Scotland.

Breaking Baws has a Wordpress account as linked to above, and it's a pretty wide-spread affair. Previews of upcoming shows, reviews, focuses on specific wrestlers, even an article on how to get the WWE Network in the UK. Above all they exist to show what is out there in Scottish wrestling and do a great job at that.

Their Facebook and Twitter is always full of the latest buzz around Scottish and UK wrestling - the best of Retweets, links to events pages, if you are looking to find out more about the Scottish wrestling community, or "scene" if you like, follow them on both FB and Twitter and you will soon find a steady stream of the best links and news.

Creating and nurturing a community is the best aspect of Breaking Baws. They recently hosted a night at Glasgow venue The Ark whereby a PPV (Wrestlemania 17) was chosen by the audience to be shown on the big screen, and everyone who was into wrestling - whether a lapsed fan, an ICW hardcore inmate or a newcomer to grappling - was encouraged to hang out, have a drink or something to eat, and just chat and interact with each other. It was a great vibe and I personally met a few new folk from all three categories above.

Although The Ark event was a blast and I look forward to it continuing on a monthly basis, the lynchpin of Breaking Baws is far and away the Podcasts. With over a dozen under their belt, they are beginning to gather a lot of steam. Recent interviews with the best of Scottish talent including Chris Renfrew - covering everything from booking for Insane Championship Wrestling to the worst of WCW storylines; Dickie Divers - chatting about decapitating fans and getting into wrestling; Damo - sharing his views on the Scottish scene and running the SWA training school; and a two-for-one with Viper & Bete Noire - discussing Viper's start in wrestling, Bete's sojourn to Japan and how it feels to have the wrestling and 'real' worlds' lines merge.

I cannot state enough how excited I am by Breaking Baws right now. These guys are genuinely excited by everything surrounding Scottish wrestling, from the rings to the blogs. Their event nights in The Ark are a great idea, the podcasts are informative, and their just really great, enthusiastic guys. Please check them out if you are in any way interest in wrestling, Indy promotions, the Scottish scene or just having a great time.  

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