Wednesday 16 July 2014

AWBA: FF & ICW updates

Disclaimer: I've updated a few of my more recent articles with extra info, breaking news and some media. Rather than link to all of them individually, I've made this handy wee jump-off page for y'all.

Fierce Females
Mad Maxine preview
Has been updated with the latest announced match - Penelope v Debbie Sharp! Give the preview a read and please remember if you are interested tickets are still on sale for £10 and the show is this Sunday, 20th July 2014 at Walkabout in Glasgow!

UPDATE to the update - Fierce Females have literally the moment I published this announced yet another match for Sunday. Click the link above to find out who (and hear some words of warning from one of the competitors).

ICW - What's Your Boggle?
Live Results article
The live results have been updated with some photos and a fan-captured video showing the entire NAK attack on Wolfgang!!  Major thanks to Graeme Burley for that one. Additionally, the results have been re-posted to PWPonderings in a slightly different format. Feel free to read them both and feedback on the comparisons would be much appreciated.

Fierce Females
Coming Of Age and Return Of The Queen Of Hardcore - full events
Fierce Females have handily made both the Coming Of Age and Queen Of Hardcore events available free via YouTube. Have updated with all the videos and urge you to give them a watch. In case it isn't clear yet - get your ass to Mad Maxine!

Insane Championship Wrestling
Shug's Hoose Party preview
The week after Mad Maxine comes Shug's Hoose Party. I have updated the preview with the two title matches having been recently announced - Mark Coffey v Solar for the Zero-G Championship, and Jack Jester v Martin Stone for the ICW Heavyweight Championship. Get it read and start scouring Facebook hoping someone is selling their ticket - this show is SOLD OUT and takes place on Sunday, 27th July at The Garage in Glasgow.

Enjoy, and if you attend either Mad Maxine or Shug's Hoose Party, give me a wave ;)

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