Sunday 20 July 2014

LR: FF - Mad Maxine

Disclaimer: Everything you are about to read is dependent upon me getting a phone signal and managing to tear myself away from the action for a few minutes.

It's Sunday night, which can only mean one thing! Well, actually, it could mean a multitude of things... but for the purpose of this article, it only means one thing! Fierce Females is happening, live at Walkabout in Glasgow, and I will hopefully be providing you with live results right here in this very ring blog post.

The event begins around 7.30pm which means there is plenty of time left to decide to go (£10 on the door), but for those of you who can't, how are you going to pass the time? Luckily I've got you covered.

You can read my preview of the show, detailing who everyone is and why their matches matter. Every woman wrestling tonight has a reason to win, but unfortunately only half of them can.

If you think you know who will win, why not head over to the Facebook event page and place your predictions.

Want to know a wee bit more about the wrestlers taking part tonight? Breaking Baws has you covered with an excellent podcast featuring Bete Noire and Viper. If you just can't Bete enough, Squared Circle Highlights have an excellent interview with Noire here for you to read.

As if that wasn't enough, Fierce Females have kindly provided both of their last events online for free via YouTube - check out both Coming Of Age and Return Of The Queen Of Hardcore to set the scene. I personally am re-watching Carmel & Sara v Leah & Viper on repeat to set the tone for what will be a no-doubt brutal night tonight.

Now, for the results (check back here regularly throughout the night for basic results - a full review should be online around Tuesday):

Sweet Saraya defeats Bete Noire by submission (modified surfboard)

Debbie Sharp defeats Penelope by pinfall (following a neckbreaker, and by pulling the tights) in what was a great match

Sammi Jayne defeated Liberty via Pinfall (cutter from the apron over the top rope)

The Owens defeated Glamour Gym (Sara eliminated first, then Carmel) in a brawl that went all over Walkabout's top floor

Viper wins over Sammi Baynz . A respectful handshake follows, before Sweet Saraya returns and goads Sammi into beating doen Viper. The Bellatrix women leave to a chorus of boos.

Fiona Fraser makes Courtney tap out with the crossarmbreaker

Kay Lee Ray abandoned the match with Nikki Storm for the title, feeling the crowd had turned on her. Glamour Gym returned and the three beat down Nikki for a No Contest / No Decision - KLR is now aligned with Sara and Carmel.

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