Wednesday 13 August 2014

AWBA: PPV Night 2 at The Ark

Disclaimer: Do you stay in or around Glasgow? Do you like wrestling? You should be pretty interested in this I think.

So I've spoke a wee bit before about Breaking Baws, a group of four wrestling pals who chat about wrestling, publish cracking articles including guest columnist Bete Noire, and ran a successful wrestling-theme night at The Ark back in July.

What can I say about the sequel, "Vinnie & Phil's Excellent Adventure" that took place on Sunday 10th August at The Ark, 46 North Frederick Street, Glasgow, G1 2BS?

How about the PPV? The quality remained high with Money In The Bank 2011 being shown on the big (and small) screens, featuring excellent showings from Alberto Del Rio, Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan and of course CM Punk. Unlike last time, the PPV didn't overshadow the night and instead played a welcome 'background' to the evening, as people dipped in and out of the event instead of sitting glued to the screens.

That leads us to the atmosphere. Everyone seemed a lot more comfortable. There were a fair few punters there who I recognised from last month, but also a lot more newcomers. Last month was typified by everyone sitting in a corner of the pub, whereas this second event had a more comfortable atmosphere as people mingled at various tables on various levels (Ark has an upper seated area as well) and all along the bar.

Finally, the refreshments. I still maintain the prices are very comparable to other City pubs, the choice is pretty good as well. I'm a cider drinker myself and as well as the usual Strongbow on tap, there are bottles of Magners and a strong variety of fruity bottles too. The food is incredible. Seriously. Everyone that ordered something said the same, and I cannot get over the Louisiana burger. Pork, chicken, a sweet sauce, crispy bun and excellent curly fries. Ace Sunday night dinner.

So what else can I say? You've got a great atmosphere, great folk who actually want to talk to each other, well priced drinks and amazing food. Come get your dinner, relax, watch wrestling in a social setting and get to meet fellow fans of this amazing sport. Whether you're a casual fan, relapsed, hardcore aficionado who struggles to get their partner "into" wrestling, or anything in between, all are welcome here. I personally attended with a mixture of non-fans and hardcore fans and every one enjoyed theirselves.

For future events, you're best checking out the Breaking Baws Facebook. Should be some point next month I believe, and the event is Summerslam 2002. From what I understand, there will be a fourth event and then a review of the nights to see what is working or not working. If you have an opinion on what you'd like to see for the fourth event, get in contact with Breaking Baws via the following methods - // Facebook // Twitter 

Hope to see you all there.

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