Friday 15 August 2014

LR: ICW - Suspect Is Hatless (Repeat Hatless)

Disclaimer: This should be a better showing than the shambles of last week.

Once again, this show has Sold Out. Tis ICW mate, it's going to sell out eventually. If you want to go, get your butt onto Facebook and start begging. Otherwise sit here, relax, read a bit about what you're going to be missing and hope (along with me) that my men and women on the scene report back accurately what is happening for me to relay to all of you wonderful fans.

Preview & Predictions
Let's start things off with a proper preview of what exactly is happening on the night. Click the button below to see more.

"The Battle Of The Bastards" as I am calling it. There is history behind this match. Four years ago, on 4th September 2010, ICW held its last regular show at the Maryhill Community Halls, a show that was headlined by a ICW Heavyweight title match between these two competitors.

From there, the pair crossed paths several times as BT Gunn, representing ICW, took on Red Lightning and his stablemates in the villainous Gold Label faction. Over this period of time, BT Gunn had regained his title only to lost it in June 2012 to Red Lightning, beginning the so-called "wanker"'s revered run as champion.

Since that night, Red Lightning would hold the belt for almost a year, seeing off challenges from Jack Jester, Grado, Chris Renfrew, BT Gunn himself, and an excellent four-way at Fear & Loathing V where he survived against Lionheart, Wolfgang and Noam Dar in an elimination contest. His work became the source of much hatred and venom from the ICW crowd, however as injuries and circumstances have kept Red away for most of a year, the crowd have began to warm to the man sometimes known as "the people's wanker" as he fights his way back into the company. He was met with a warm reception during his surprise appearance at the one-off return show to Maryhill last September, and he joined forced with Lionheart and Wolfgang as a vrituous version of The Gold Label to take on the hated NAK at Fear & Loathing VI. If Red Lightning can come out of this match victorious, he would win back his contract with the company.

Standing in his way is one of the most hated men in ICW, the foundation of the evil reincarnation of The New Age Kliq. Since losing his Heavyweight title to Red Lightning, BT Gunn has reinvented himself. Engaging in a war with long-time friend Chris Renfrew, BT Gunn managed to "open" his friend's eyes and turn him against ICW. Dead-set upon destroying the company from the inside, the duo have joined forces with Dickie Divers and Darkside to take on all comers, recently regaining the Tag Team titles (albeit momentarily) and with Chris Renfrew and Darkside both in line to receive ICW Heavyweight title shots, their mission appears to be a successful one. To say defeating BT Gunn to regain entry to ICW is a baptism of fire, would be an understatement. Red Lightning's task is more akin to being told you can escape hell only if you can clap Cerberus' three heads.

Who the fuck is Coach Trip?

Rumour has it he is the alter ego of Adam Shame, a wrestler who I don't believe I've heard wrestle in 2014 and who I've only seen live once, at the 2nd Annual Square Go away back in January 2013. Rumours could be true, rumours could be false, all I know is he is affiliated with Jackie Polo so I highly doubt he really is a Coach and his name probably isn't Trip. He's always playing games with personalities and personas is that Jackie.

One man who doesn't play games is Sweeney. Sweeney doesn't like Jackie Polo, and for that I am happy. Cautiously happy though, as Sweeney is prone to violent mood swings.

Let's hope the Coach is in fact a trained wrestler and not some poor, retired manager dragged up from the depths of Polo Promotions with the promise of money and fame. If Sweeney wins this, he gets the honour of wrestling with Jackie Polo himself in the near future. If he loses, he probably won't show his face in ICW again, having been beaten by a Coach!

Coach Trip! Red Lightning! Jamie Feerick! This night is full of fun "new" faces for anyone who hasn't been attending ICW for over a year. So... who the fuck is Jamie Feerick?

Jamie Feerick was one of Mark Dallas' "right hand men". After a particularly active 2012, Feerick fell from grace rapidly. Being verbally abused by the ICW fans is one thing, but being chucked by your boss is another. Feerick was fired both as a wrestler and one of Dallas' entourage, and after a pitiful plea back at March's "Still Smoking" event, he's not been seen since.

Having once again begged for his job back, Jamie has a chance to prove himself only if he can defeat Chris Renfrew. It seems a bit strange to me that two men battling for their ICW livelihood are being fed to The NAK, however it also makes perfect sense. The NAK are all about destroying ICW, where else to do this than at the front door? Like the world's most maniacal bouncer, Chris Renfrew will no doubt use any little excuse to destroy Jamie - wrong look in his eye, too drunk/sober, or just not matching up to ICW's dress code. Chris Renfrew's job here is to bounce Feerick right out the back door and down the metal staircase to the gutter, Feerick's job is simply to survive.

Sha Samuels, a man I haven't seen live myself but who is highly spoke of by everyone who traveled down to London (twice!) to see him. I may not have seen him live, but I'm not blind. I've seen the videos. I've seen the brutality. I've seen him whip Grado halfway to death. And it's not fair.

It's really not fair. Wolfgang doesn't deserve this. The man has suffered severe damage lately. First he took a hellacious boot to the head via chair at London, then he was thought dead after being viciously attacked (presumably by The NAK) at his own pub, outside of the ring and away from wrestling. Thankfully, he survived, but now his welcoming party comes in the form of a dangerous, destructive man who literally wears his weapons with pride.

This will be a war. Wolfgang no doubt has a lot of rage pent up in him, but that's probably not all. He's probably got a few broken ribs and various bones rattling around in there too. It's not fair, man. It's really not fair.

Good luck Wolfgang.

So we arrive at my personal piece de resistance. There's a fair few things I could say about Carmel and Sara as the women who gave us ICW's female division. I can talk about all the joy and fun The Owens Twins have brought to ICW in it's near past. But really what I need to talk about is Fierce Females. Click that link, and you will read all about Carmel and Sara running roughshod over a whole company. It would be remiss of me not to mention Sara and Carmel systematically defeating The Owens Twins in individual competition. I cannot stop myself talking about how the dastardly duo took great glee in attacking Kasey Owens injured leg, over and over again. It all culminated in a brutal war, an all-out war, that saw the four women take a terrorising tour of Walkabout a few weeks ago, using everything from steel chairs to pool cues to take out their anger upon each other.

That match might have ended with The Owens sitting atop both Carmel and Sara as they failed to reach the referee's 10 count... but that was Fierce Females. That was a separate company, a different time, other fights and wars. This is Insane Championship Wrestling. This is a fresh start in the saga.

But it cannot be denied that the anger remains. The venom will residually permeate across company borders, across cities, across time. This is hatred at its most base. The spite and vitriol of Carmel and Sara meeting the unrelenting good vibes of The Owens Twins. All four women can go to war and then some. There is no stopping this force. All we can do is sit back and watch.

First off, Jack Jester. I believe he will be appearing, and with both Jimmy Havoc and Darkside apparently due to receive title shots in Edinburgh, I believe he will be in a match, probably with the latter.

That brings the match count up to 6 and with no Tag Title or Zero-G Title matches announced, I'm going out on a limb and predicting The Coffey Brothers vs Irn Jew for the Tag Titles. That gives us 7 matches and in my opinion that will be the full card.

But what do I know?

I know that Carmel & Sara vs The Owens Twins will probably be Match Of The Night. I'm not calling a victor. I never thought The Owens would win over at Fierce Females and they proved me wrong. I am, on a personal level, firmly behind Carmel (#CarmelCorner 4 life) but on an objective basis I'm equally on both sides as to who I think will win.

Chris Renfrew is going to destroy Jamie Feerick. All-out destruction. Jack Jester choking DCT with his belt level destruction. Simple as that.

Red Lightning will defeat BT Gunn. The NAK will make him go through hell on the way there, but I believe he will do it, he will do it clean, and his road back to ICW will be paved with the crowd's adoration and respect. People's Wanker.

Wolfgang will defeat Sha Samuels. He has to. Some how. It seems impossible, but I believe in him. I believe in the Field (sorry, I'll leave that in 2013 from now on). He's pure hungry (sorry). Hungry for revenge, and that revenge starts by taking out Sha Samuels, regaining some of his momentum, and taking out BT Gunn once and for all.

Finally, Sweeney is going to kill Coach Shame. Then immediately challenge Jackie Polo to a match. Then kill him. Then take over his spot on commentary. Then Mark Coffey will be free to be Scotland's true beeeeeeeeesst wrestler. Yas. (That wasn't very objective of me, sorry. I meant "fucking yas ya dancer").

Live Results
Here are the results as they happen. I normally try to get my info from three separate sources before publishing, but this week I am only getting results from one or two so apologies for any errors. Will amend as more info is known.

PROMO - "Stone Cold" Bobby Roberts appeared with Billy Kirkwood. Sprayed beer all over the crowd then retired to the bar.
UPDATE - I have also been informed that Joe Hendry will be on commentary tonight.

MATCH 1 - Chris Renfrew defeated Jamie Feerick via pinfall. Jamie Feerick started off with some slaps then running around the ring, but Renfrew caught him and dominated the match. After the pin, Renfrew put a chair around Feerick's neck, aiming to do permanent damage, which brought Stevie Boy out to make the save.

MATCH 2 - Impromptu match!! Stevie Boy defeated Chris Renfrew via pinfall. Renfrew managed to get in some vicious chops that would rival stablemate BT Gunn, but Stevie Boy got the victory with a roll-up.

MATCH 3 - Carmel & Sara defeated The Owens Twins via pinfall. The ending came from Carmel first spearing and then pinning one of the twins.

MATCH 4 - Red Lightning defeated BT Gunn via disqualification. There are two different results being reported back for this match. Some people are saying Red Lightning won via disqualification, others are saying it was a no contest / no decision. At any rate, it was an even match between the two, but The NAK got involved and attacked Red Lightning. The bell then rang, and Wolfgang came out to save Red Lightning. As for the stipulation whereby Red Lightning would gain an ICW contract if he got the victory, we will need to wait on ICW management clearing that one up. All I know is the bell rang, but no actual result was announced.

UPDATE - ICW have confirmed that the official result is a "No Contest" and as such, Red Lightning is NOT entitled to a new contract.

INTERMISSION - The last 10 tickets for 1.21 Gigawatts Great Scott are on sale tonight. Looks like another sell out show for ICW.

MATCH 5 - Sha Samuels defeats Wolfgang via pinfall. The crowd were firmly behind Wolfgang, hurling all manner of chants towards Sha. Wolfgang went up to the top rope, but was distracted by The NAK's theme music starting. The Kliq didn't actually appear, but the distraction was enough to get Samuels the win. After the match, Wolfgang seemed to be suffering the effects of his previous head injuries, struggling to get out of the ring and then falling over on his way up the ramp.

MATCH 6 - Sweeney defeats Coach Trip via pinfall. A very quick match. After the bout, Jackie Polo and Mark Coffey come out to attack Sweeney. Irn Jew (Colt Cabana and Grado) appear and challenge Polo Promotions to a title match for the ICW Tag Team Championship.

MATCH 7 - Irn Jew retain the Tag Titles against Polo Promotions. Grado picked up the pinfall victory following the Wee Boot.

MATCH 8 - Dickie Divers comes out to challenge Jack Jester to an ICW Heavyweight Title match. Jester entered through the crowd and Divers... dived onto him. The two battled all over the venue - click below for a Vine:

Jack Jester retains via pinfall following the Tombstone Piledriver.

Show's Over. Although I provided this post, the real credit has to go to Paul Docherty and Adam Baxter who once again took time out from the event to keep us all updated. Kudos lads, I owe you both a drink at the next show.

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