Monday 18 August 2014

AWBA: Upcoming Shows Update

Disclaimer: This is just a short update to this article on upcoming Scottish shows for 2014. I intend to do more in-depth looks and previews nearer the times, but I wanted to give you something right now to keep up to date with the news.


First up, a bit of a scoop from my friends at Breaking Baws. Their latest podcast featuring Billy Kirkwood can be heard here - Billy reveals some exciting revelations about Fierce Females' commentary situation going forward (Skip to 48:40 if you want to find out immediately). Now, the shows:

Fierce Females - Strewth Sheila
Sunday, August 31st
Walkabout, Glasgow, 2pm

There have been a fair few announcements for this show, and I will be providing an in-depth look at it soon. First up we have two Main Events as Kay Lee Ray and Nikki Storm take part in "Pick Your Poison", where each lady picks the other's opponents.

Kay Lee Ray tried to put Nikki Storm into a 2-on-1 situation with stablemates Carmel and Sara, but it has been announced as a fairer Tag Team Match as Carmel & Sara take on Nikki Storm & partner. Who will Nikki choose?

Nikki then chose April Davids v Kay Lee Ray in a non-title match, but in another twist by Fierce Females management, this match will be for KLR's Fierce Females Championship title.

Kay Lee Ray will also be making an appearance on the first ever Carmel Corner segment, as Carmel will be asking her to explain what happened at the last show, where KLR turned viciously against the crowd and joined forces with Carmel and Sara, her long-time enemies.

Elsewhere on the card we have Switzerland's Layla Rose v Miss Lucy Cole, we have Sammii Jayne v Nixon and also Viper v Lana Austin. Another healthy mixture of local and visiting talent.

Tickets available via or Rufus T Firefly's on Hope Street, priced £8

Fierce Females - Priscilla, Queen Of The Walkabout
Sunday, October 26th
Walkabout, Glasgow, 7pm

Recently announced show in aid of Cancer Research UK, no news about tickets, matches or that yet but it is in aid of charity and any female wrestlers interested in giving their time to the show should contact - Mikey will also be putting on a free training seminar the day before the show as a Thank You to all who take part.

Fierce Females - Come & Say G'day
Sunday, November 23rd
Walkabout, Glasgow, 7pm

No doubt there will be plenty of issues to be resolved on the night between Nikki Storm, Kay Lee Ray and KLR's new partners in Carmel & Sara. No matches announced as yet, however this will be an important show. Tickets available via or Rufus T Firefly's on Hope Street, priced £10 and includes a showing of WWE's Survivor Series during the afterparty.


ICW - Ice To See You (SOLD OUT)
Sunday, August 24th
Studio 24, Edinburgh, 6.30pm

No matches have been announced yet as of Sunday 17th, but with the third Fringe show taking place tonight there will be fallout and news galore this week. This is the last of the Fringe shows, there will be much to resolve, not least the team of Colt Cabana and Grado being in possession of the ICW Tag Team titles, Darkside to receive an ICW Heavyweight Title shot, plus the fear of Jimmy Havoc, Chris Renfrew and Drew Galloway all looking to draw blood from current Heavyweight Champion Jack Jester is resulting in the crowd favourite slowly losing himself in front of our very eyes. A full preview will be coming later this week.

ICW - 1.21 Gigawatts Great Scott!
Sunday, August 31st
The Garage, Glasgow, 7pm

A doubler day with Fierce Females on earlier in the afternoon, 1.21 Gigawatts will being us the in-ring return of Drew Galloway as he faces Darkside. No other matches have been announced yet, but with tickets very nearly Sold Out as I speak, you'd be a fool to wait.

ICW - Spacebaws
Sunday, September 22nd
The Garage, Glasgow, 7pm

A showcase event to give the younger talents of the ICW roster a change to shine, these tickets are priced at only £10 and represent great value for money. The only announced match so far is The Owens Twins v Bete Noire & Viper, but there are plenty of wrestler confirmed to be appearing.

This includes - Lou King Sharp, Saqib Ali, Mr Euan G Mackie, DCT, Solar, Kenny Williams, Zero-G Champion Mark Coffey, David The Beloved, Christopher Saynt, Joe Hendry, Lewis Girvan, Bobby Roberts, Switch N Flick, Courtney, Emily Hayden, Lucy Cole and Tommy Marx.

Finally, ICW's flagship event Fear & Loathing returns on 2nd November debuting in the Barrowlands venue. More on that nearer the time, but get your tickets in now unless you want to be disappointed when it no-doubt sells out.


PWE - Fallen Angel
Saturday, September 13th
Ayr Town Hall, 7pm

As detailed, there are a variety of ticket packages. In terms of matches announced, the main event is international superstar Christopher Daniels taking on Noam Dar. Not only is this a fantastic match in its own regard, Noam Dar is also the #1 Contender to the PWE Heavyweight Title. If Noam loses, he loses his title shot, but if Noam wins, he can take his title shot at any time whatsoever!!

Also on the night, the first ever PWE Tag Team Champions will be crowned when Project Ego take on The Coffey Brothers. In other matches, Liam Thomson faces Andy Wild, and El Ligero faces Joey Hayes. On top of all that, PWE Heavyweight Champion Grado will be attending to address the crowd and defend his title, and The NAK are rumoured to be appearing too. All tickets are around 50% sold out, so visit if you are interested.


BCW - Homecoming
Friday, August 29th
Kilmarnock Grand Hall, 7pm

Not only will ex-WWE and former BCW Heavyweight Champion Drew Galloway be making his return, but the Homecoming show will also see appearances from ex-NXT stars Martin Stone (previously Danny Burch) and Joel Redman (previously Oliver Grey).

Already announced matches see the BCW Tag Team Titles defended by champions Just Uz v The Models. The BCW Openweight Title will also be defended by champion Noam Dar v Kenny Williams, and a mixed-gender tag team match as Kay Lee Ray & Grado take on Carmel & Liam Thomson.

Tickets come in a variety of packages and can be purchased by phoning the Box Office on 01563 554 900.


SWA have a whole host of shows coming up which can be viewed here, but the big one is Battlezone taking place in October.

SWA - Battlezone
Saturday, October 18th
Motherwell Concert Hall, 6.30pm

First up is the event the show is named after, the 30-Man Rumble Battlezone. A recent change to the schedule, John "The Bomb" Graham is medically unable to meet Mikey Whiplash in the scheduled Tables, Ladders & Chairs match. Instead, it will be Mikey Whiplash v Jack Gallacher in a 2 Out Of 3 Falls match. The show will also see Zero1 Scotland Champion Joe Coffey v Doug Williams (international superstar and former TNA talent). The final announced match at the moment sees Solar v Jonathon Gresham. Tickets are available at the following link -

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