Tuesday 16 September 2014

AWBA: Fiona Fraser

Disclaimer: Welcome to another Wee Bit About, this time focusing on Scottish wrestler Fiona Fraser. Have a read of this article, check out the AWBA Interview with Fiona, and come see her on Saturday 20th September 2014 at Pride Wrestling.

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Fiona Fraser's journey into wrestling is unlike many others. Fiona is not a woman chasing a childhood dream, following in the footsteps of idols like so many before her. Fiona is not a lifetime scholar of the ring, having devoted her entire life to studying the moves and mannerisms of others in the hope of imitation.

No, Fiona is a woman who, barely three years ago, was channel-surfing one day and found Smackdown on TV and three weeks later googled "Scottish wrestling schools" and went from there. Her initial search took her to the Source Wrestling School (http://www.facebook.com/SourceWrestlingSchool) where it turns out she was a bit of a natural. Putting in the hard work necessary to form her craft, Fiona debuted in 2012.

For those of us who have seen Fiona live, you would never be able to tell she has only been a wrestling fan for such a short length of time, as she carries herself with the poise and talents of a wrestler far beyond her two professional years. That, in my eyes, is a much scarier prospect than someone who spent decades getting to this level.

The Beginning
As mentioned above, Fiona started off her wrestling career as a graduate of the Source school. Her journey has seen her wrestle for a variety of promotions including Fierce Females (which we will get to later), Pride Wrestling, the Wrestling Factory, and Pro-Wrestling: Eve, featuring on an iPPV event for that company.

But the place she will always call home is the Scottish Wrestling Alliance. Appearing on a variety of SWA shows, Fiona has notably appeared on every show in her native Motherwell since making her debut with SWA. Wrestling everyone from Nikki Storm to Bete Noire, fans who are only familiar with Fiona from her Fierce Females career should check out the following video. Skip to 21:00 to see a perhaps unusually positive reception for Fiona from her local fans, as she faces up against Bete and showcases the technical submission skills that she would go on to be known for.

Fierce Females
Within her debut year, a promotion that would become synonymous with Fiona was also making its debut. On September 2012, Fierce Females held their first ever show, and the very first match on that show was Fiona Fraser vs Nikki Storm.

Despite coming up short in that match, Fiona had made an impact on the Fierce Females crowd. Appearing in some capacity in every event to date, Fiona quickly made enemies in April Davids and Viper, but it was with the relaunch show Coming Of Age that a new saga would begin.

Facing up against the debuting Courtney, Fiona aimed to put on a wrestling clinic, taking her time to toy with her opponent. But Courtney never gave up, dug deep and persevered, clinching a victory that seemed to shock even her. That wasn't all she earned however - the anger of Fiona Fraser had truly awoken.

That rage spilled over into the next event, Return Of The Queen Of Hardcore, where Fiona took it all out on Viper during and after their match, getting some revenge for an attack made by Viper the previous year. That full match can be viewed here. Also noticeable was a growing respect between Fiona and the duo of Carmel & Sara.

But it was with Fierce Females return to Glasgow City Center that the Fiona and Courtney rivalry truly took flame. Utilising everything from her vast library of legit wrestling techniques, to plain bashing her opponent's arm against the wall, Fiona set out to dismantle Courtney's body and spirit. But as you can see from the footage (skip to the 14th minute of the second video), while successfully destroying her rival's arm, Fiona found that Courtney's spirit remained strong where her body failed her.

With a third match between the two recently ending in a double-countout, the ongoing battle between Courtney and Fiona Fraser is arguably the hottest feud in female wrestling at this moment. 

Mind Games
One aspect of Fiona Fraser's work that sets her aside from her peers is her threatening promos. Never afraid to speak her mind, Fiona can often be found musing upon her opponents and what makes them both tick, ultimately coming to the conclusion that she will prove herself a force to be reckoned with no matter what it takes. Check out her latest promo ahead of the eventual third matchup between Fraser and Courtney, then follow her YouTube channel for more.

Outwith Wrestling
As well as being a fantastic wrestler, Fiona is also an accomplished photographer. Check out Contraband Photography for some of her work, including incredible photoshoots with many of the top female wrestlers in Scotland right now.

The Future
Fiona Fraser can be seen live at Pride Wrestling on Saturday 20th September 2014. Also keep an eye on Scottish Wrestling Alliance events for appearances from Fiona, and Fierce Females will return to Glasgow's Walkabout on October 26th and November 23rd.

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