Saturday 25 October 2014

FF - Priscilla Queen Of The Walkabout preview

Disclaimer: This show is in aid of the charity Cancer Research UK.  There are a couple of other shows on that night, so if you are unable to make it along I would urge you to check out and see what the organisation is all about.

Fierce Females presents
"Priscilla, Queen Of The Walkabout"
a wrestling event in aid of Cancer Research UK

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Tickets are still available at Rufus T Firefly's on Hope Street, priced at £10, and will be available on the door tomorrow priced also at £10.

Sunday, 26th October 2014 - 7pm
Walkabout, 128 Renfield Street, Glasgow, G2 3AL

As lovely a night as any charity fundraiser is, and it should not be underestimated how charitable this night will be. From what I understand, the wrestlers involved will be giving up their time to contribute to the overall fund raising, which is an incredible undertaking when you consider the absolute danger a wrestler puts themselves in every time they step between the ropes.

So without further ado, let's pay tribute to the women who will be competing tomorrow night.  No matches have been announced as yet, but what appears to be the full roster is available and I can tell you it features a strong mixture of new faces and familiar females.

Layla Rose - Fierce Females record 1-0 - Twitter

Let's start things off with a woman who feels like she truly belongs in Glasgow despite hailing from Germany and only having wrestled here twice.

Familiar to fans of Swiss wrestling, Layla has twice competed for the SCW Ladies Title in that country and has spent the bulk of her 18 month long career there.

Having transitioned to Scotland a month ago, Layla made fast work of the "Barbie Doll" Miss Lucy Cole at Fierce Female's last event, and more recently competed at ICW's "Spacebaws" event, taking out three more so-called "Barbie Dolls" in a four-way match.

With her M.O. clear and her talent unmistakable, it seems to be an obvious choice to see Layla square up against one of the more 'girly' girls, such as former dancer Courtney, but my personal Dream Match would be to see Layla face someone more her own style in the form of the hard-hitting Bete Noire.

Lana Austin - Fierce Females record 0-1 - Twitter

Lana made her debut at Fierce Female's last event in a match I dubbed a battle of pride. Although Viper stood strong and retained the victory for Fierce Females, Lana gave a great account of herself.

Always the underdog in terms of size and strength, Lana Austin kept on coming and was only caught and defeated by attempting a flying move from the top rope. Having won over the hearts of the crowd and her opponent, Lana still received accolade in defeat, receiving a handshake from Viper and being carried to the backstage, an honour normally reserved for victors of sporting contests.

The woman from Manchester is well known for her exploits up and down England. She's also been seen competing in Switzerland, having appeared as recently as last week in the SWE "King Of Switzerland" event. Although she was on the losing end of a Tornado Tag Team match at that event, my feeling is that Lana will use that experience to come into this event hoping to raise her Fierce Females profile with a victory.

Either way, her profile will be raised Sunday night as Lana is set to feature on TNA's "British Bootcamp 2" show at the same time as competing for Fierce Females. A victory on the night would be fitting. I haven't got a clue what my Dream Match would be for Lana on the night, I just simply want to see more of her live in Glasgow.

Faith Lehaine - Fierce Females debut - Twitter

Don't let Faith's youthful good looks fool you, she is an extremely experienced wrestler who, having made her debut as a teenager, has 12 years worth of experience under her belt.

Originally from the United States of America, Lehaine moved to the UK in her teenage years and began training with UCW. With wrestling in her blood, Lehaine has made it her mission to navigate the British scene and eventually rise to the top.

Currently one half of the UCW Women's Tag Team Champions, with Nadia Saphire as "Team Superficial", having competed up and down England and in France also, Faith will be looking to make a strong impact in Scotland.

Although the obvious match here would be to put Faith and Nadia up against The Owens Twins, my personal Dream Match would be to see Faith taking on Nadia one on one, a match that has happened a few times before but outwith some photos on Twitter and grainy Youtube videos, I haven't really had the pleasure of experiencing it.

Sammii Jayne - Fierce Females record 4-1 with one No Contest - Twitter

Sammii Jayne is something else. She is one of those wrestlers who to me, and most of the Glaswegian wrestling community, has came out of nowhere to absolute domination.

Having made her debut for SWE in Dundee back in 2012, Jayne's first exposure to Glasgow came at Fierce Female's "XX - It's In Our DNA" event, the last before the relaunch of 2014, taking part in an entirely forgettable match that ended in a No Contest.

But since the turn of the year, this has been the time for Sammii Jayne. At the Coming Of Age event in April, Sammii overcame both Bete Noire and Viper to become the number one contender in a one-day tournament.  At the next event, Return Of The Queen Of Hardcore, Sammii came narrowly close to dethroning Kay Lee Ray. You can see all three matches for free at the links above.

If the shows at the Source Wrestling School were the story of Sammii's rise, since the move to Walkabout she has cemented her place in the Fierce Females roster. Two amazing victories over Liberty and Nixon Newell gained Match Of The Night accolades from many and both are certainly up there in my standings.  I was left absolutely begging for Nixon and Liberty to come back, and certain that Sammii would be due another crack at the Fierce Females title some day soon.

With Kay Lee Ray seemingly not defending her title at this show, my Dream Match would instead fall to seeing Sammii Jayne take on Nikki Storm.  With both women recently trying to dethrone Kay Lee and coming achingly close, this would be an interesting battle to settle who is the best of the contenders and find out who truly deserves another shot.

Nadia Sapphire - Fierce Females debut - Twitter

As discussed above, Nadia is the current UCW Womens Tag Team Champion along with Faith Lehaine, But the story of Nadia is one worth reading into separately.

Hailing from Wales, Nadia made her debut in 2008 featuring in 4 Front Wrestling, but unfortunately before her career could really take off, Nadia suffered a knee injury that has sidelined her for the past five years.

Making her return at the start of 2014, Nadia has wrestled for a fair few companies in England, trying to re-build her career and bring charisma and beauty to the British scene. I could talk for longer about Nadia, but I don't really have to. She took part in a couple of excellent interviews while making her comeback, so check out RingBelles and PWSmark to hear more from Nadia ahead of tomorrow's event.

As mentioned above, I'd like to see Nadia take on Faith one-on-one, but if they do go down the tag team match then the Dream Match would have to be Team Superficial vs The Owens Twins.

Bete Noire - Fierce Females record 0-7 - Twitter

The woman with the inauspicious record of appearing on every Fierce Females event to date and losing on every event, Bete Noire still remains a compelling, unrelenting force of a wrestler who nobody can afford to take their eyes off of.

I have discussed Bete's career with her previously, and it is important to note that Bete's last defeat was not a pinfall or submission loss. Bete did not tap out. Kasey Owens was making short work of Bete's arm, but she was willing to battle on until the end. If the referee had not stopped the match, who knows what would have happened?

Dream Match here would be a straight rematch with Kasey to try and reclaim her honour, but I would also be happy to see Bete face Leah Owens. Bete is long overdue a victory and what better way to start her rise to the top than by defeating Leah, moving from there to a rematch with Kasey, then beginning her domination of the entire FF roster?

Danni Hunter - Fierce Females debut - Twitter

What do I know about Danni? She's from Manchester, affiliated with Futureshock Wrestling, the current Futureshock women's champion having won it following April Davids vacating at the end of last year. Nicknamed "The Huntress". That is about it if I'm perfectly honest, and I'm very happy at that.

I love finding new things for the first time through Fierce Females and I believe that is a large part of the appeal of this company. There may be wrestlers I haven't seen live but still know a fair bit about, such as Nadia Sapphire, but there are others I willfully don't want to know too much about before seeing them live for the first time.

With her look and pedigree, I would have a Dream Match in mind of seeing Danni face either the hard-hitting Bete Noire or the newly vicious Kasey Owens in what I anticipate would be a fitting brawl for a moniker such as The Huntress.

Courtney - Fierce Females record 1-2 with one Double Count-Out - Twitter

Ah, Courtney. Simply a joy to watch wrestle. I've seen her as a "baddie", and I've seen her intense, but her forte is in being an absolutely entertaining joy to watch.

Another revelation since the 2014 relaunch, Courtney has been embroiled in a violent feud with Fiona Fraser which is so far 1-1-1. I have wrote about this feud at length, and while I am eagerly anticipating a resolution, I don't feel the show tomorrow is the right time and place for that.

I am hoping to see a Dream Match of Courtney against one of the newcomers, perhaps Faith or Violet O'Hara, but I would also like to be a bit cheeky and throw out there the possibility of seeing Courtney and Fiona team up to perhaps take on Team Superficial or The Owens Twins. One thing is for sure, I want to see Courtney as far away as possible from Layla Rose!

Violet O'Hara - Fierce Females debut - Twitter

The self-styled "Pocket Princess", at 4'11'' it is hard to disagree. A graduate of Ricky Knight and Sweet Saraya, Violet has recently held the Bellatrix British Title, defeating Erin Angel in March but unfortunately losing the belt in her first defense against Penelope.

Violet holds matches against Saraya, Kay Lee Ray, Kimber Lee, Nixon Newell, Lana Austin, Leah Von Dutch and many more over the past three years. A strong debut for Fierce Females would be impressive on what I believe is Violet's first foray outside of England.

A Dream Match is hard to pick really. I think if Violet hopes to prove herself she would need a victory over someone strong and well respected, if not incredibly feared, in Scotland so a match against Fiona Fraser may be a suitable, and brutal, challenge for the visitor.

Kasey Owens - Fierce Females record 3-0 as a tag team, 1-1 in singles - Twitter

Obviously more dominant as a team with sister Leah, Kasey Owens has nevertheless began forging a more ferocious persona since recovering from a leg injury earlier in the year.

Left brutalised from an attack by Carmel and Sara, Kasey and Leah bounced back to win an amazing no holds barred elimination tag match, Last Woman Standing style. Kasey then went on to force the referee to stop her match with Bete Noire, having inflicted so much damage to Bete's arm.

With this destructive style my Dream Match would be to see Kasey take on Bete again or perhaps chance her arm with the submission specialist Fiona Fraser in a battle of the (arm)bars.

Leah Owens - Fierce Females record 3-1 as a tag team, 1-2 in singles - Twitter

Slightly more experienced in Fierce Females than her sister, Leah has however a losing record as a singles competitor. There are opportunities for tag competition here, but my Dream Match would to see Leah get the opportunity to even up that record.

Seen as a bit more bubbly compared to Kasey's aggressive side, I would like to see Leah face against Courtney in what would be the most crowd-pleasing match in Fierce Females existence. Make no mistake about it however, Leah is no pushover and I would also like to see her face up to Layla Rose and show herself in a more aggressive manner.

Fiona Fraser - Fierce Females record 1-3 with one No Contest and one Double Count-Out - Twitter

I recently had the chance to chat with Fiona about her career, so I'll let you have a wee read of that to familiarise yourself with her. Her raw statistics in Fierce Females betrays Fiona's brutal nature, regularly attempting to (and coming close to succeeding in) breaking her opponent's arms.

Caught up in a classic feud with Courtney at present, the obvious move here would be to place the two of them together. I've suggested a few different match-ups so far, but I genuinely see a Dream Match pitting Kasey Owens against Fiona as a battle for the ages and one that would come down to one of the females tapping out.

Violet Vendetta - Fierce Females debut - Twitter

"Pro Wrestling's Pin-Up" with tattoos of sailors, anchors and mermaids, Violet certainly has a clear style that is pretty unique among wrestlers.

Making her debut as a valet in 2011 and then a wrestler in 2012, Violet has trained in three schools - BWA in Stoke On Trent, Futureshock Wrestling in Manchester, and House Of Pain in Nottingham.

Being so well-traveled will surely hold Violet Vendetta in good stead at Fierce Females. Her recent matches have included a few defeats to Nixon Newell, including one the day before Sammii Jayne's victory over Nixon, so my personal Dream Match would be to see Violet Vendetta take on Sammii and, if victorious, use that as momentum to take on Nixon again... or even see a triple threat between the three at a future event.

Keep an eye out for the leg-hook DDT. If Vendetta manages to hit this move, then the match will surely be over.

Nikki Storm - Fierce Females record 4-1 with the one loss being in a Tag Team bout, plus one No Contest - Twitter

Perhaps you've found this page after watching TNA's "British Bootcamp" and being impressed by Nikki Storm. Perhaps you've googled this page from Manchester, Fife, Ohio, Illinois, Florida, Suffolk, Govan, Montreal, Barcelona or any number of the towns and cities Nikki has visited.

Everywhere she goes, Nikki makes an impression, and whatever way you came here, I have something to say to you. Nikki Storm should by all accounts be Fierce Females champion right now. Her last match against current Champ Kay Lee Ray ended in a No Contest following interference.

In my eyes, Nikki is not only the star of this show, but the star of pretty much every show she is on. Be it in the opening match or the main event, a tag bout at half-time or an intergender battle of the sexes, Nikki excels in every capacity.

I have no idea what the Dream Match should be. Nikki in a gauntlet taking on every other female on the roster? Maybe. All I know is that if you have found this page from elsewhere and you have the means to make it to Walkabout tomorrow night, get your ass along, support an excellent charity, and check out The Best In The Galaxy, Nikki Storm.

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