Friday 6 February 2015

Video Friday: Grado response to Jackie Polo

Disclaimer: The start of a new series, every Friday I will be posting up a video relating to Scottish wrestling and giving a wee bit about its background and context. First up, the one that in my opinion started the ball really rolling on Gradomania, "Grado response to Jackie Polo". Keep an eye on the link and expect a new video every Friday for the forseeable future.

Published in May 2012, this video is technically a wee bit before "my time" but I was still aware of its existence before properly attending ICW shows. Grado had been making a bit of a splash in the Scottish scene around this time period, but for me this is always the starting point I direct newcomers to.

Starting off with a bit of Grado irreverence, the video then seques into a solid, passionate three minute monologue response to a video Jackie Polo had put up about Grado shortly beforehand. Although mostly known for his comedic elements, this video puts across just how threatening Grado can be when he is pushed too far. It remains on of my favourite promos in Scottish history, and to top it off the video ends with a two minute music video of sorts reminding us of what makes Grado so loved - his absolute lack of insecurity and complete ownership of himself and his love for wrestling and entertaining.

I saw Grado and Jackie Polo square off in SWA last year and it lived up to this video for me, despite being two years in the making from my point of view. A masterpiece in storytelling and crowd engagement before the bell had even rung, if there are two larger-than-life characters in wrestling they are certainly Jackie Polo and Grado and both have put out some great promo videos over the years. 

This is just the start. Tune in every Friday for another video recommendation. Next up, another Grado masterpiece.

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