Friday 13 February 2015

Video Friday: Trials & Tribulations of Grado

Disclaimer: Following on from last week's look at Grado's response to Jackie Polo, we fast forward one short month to the first video truly looking at Grado under a larger microscope.

While last week I hinted that the "response to Jackie Polo" video got Grado an increase in attention, it would be June 2012's "The Trials And Tribulations Of Pro Wrestler Grado" that really set the wheels in motion of Grado becoming the most popular pro wrestler in Scottish wrestling history.

Desperate to break into the big time of Insane Championship Wrestling, Grado goes through the various trials of endearing himself to owner Mark Dallas, voice of the company Chris Renfrew, and cruel pranks played on him by unknown forces.

This video, in my opinion, really opened the floodgates of Gradomania. 2012 was all about "Get Grado Booked" and the year culminated with Grado jumping the barrier, getting a title shot (and momentarily winning the big belt) and having a critically acclaimed Bunkhouse Brawl battle with Mikey Whiplash at Fear & Loathing V which, despite having Jack Jester v Mikey Whiplash and Jack Jester v Drew Galloway follow it, is still talked about as one of the greatest matches in Fear & Loathing / ICW / Scottish wrestling history.

But we're skipping ahead a little. Those 16 minutes above cemented Grado as a star of the future, not just in wrestling, but in general entertainment. Even my Mum endorses "The Trials and Tribulations of Pro Wrestler Grado" and she flinches anytime a skateboarder attempts an ollie! Mainstream appeal? Grado always had it.

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