Friday 20 March 2015

Video Friday: Wolfgang

Disclaimer: The last three VFs focused on Grado - his tussle with Jackie Polo, the mockumentary that brought him to the attention of ICW fans, and finally the Vice documentary "The British Wrestler" that brought him to mainstream attention and is surely the spiritual precursor the the wildly successful "Insane Fight Club" pair of documentaries on the BBC.

You could be forgiven for thinking that Grado is the only wrestler to have displayed his comedic chops in such a fashion, but indeed one unsung hero of ICW has also had a fair few videos appear online to shed a different light on his personality. That man, is Wolfgang.

The first time I saw a Wolfgang youtube video was through friends-of-a-friend K2FilmsScotland, who I thoroughly recommend you check out and start at the very excellent "TOMA'd: Episode 1 Part 1" and work your way back.

However, if you're only here for the wrestling then there is only one place to start. Cast yourself back two years, to January 2013. It's freezing cold, but just around the corner is the 2nd Annual Square Go event, fast becoming Insane Championship Wrestling's second flagship show behind the already established Fear & Loathing.

Everyone at the time were making bold statements (and some bold videos) declaring that they would be the Square Go winner, but one man being overlooked was Wolfgang. Perhaps due to the fact he would also be competing in a grueling Iron Man match with James Scott that very evening, few had Wolfie picked as a potential winner. But K2FilmsScotland would be onto a winner with the video come to be known as "Wolfgangnam Style".

Perfectly catching the mood of the era, and featuring a great play on words, Wolfie's send-up of PSY's crazy-catchy song and dance saw him leap to the head of the pack and, although unsuccessful on the night, the good vibes kept rolling on to February as Wolfgang toppled Andy Wild to take home the Zero G title at ICW's first event held in Edinburgh, "Tramspotting".

But on the video front, there was plenty more to come. Tune in next Friday as we go on the hunt with "Finding Wolfgang" ....

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