Friday 27 March 2015

Video Friday: Finding Wolfgang

Disclaimer: Last week, we saw Wolfgang have a bit of a laugh, a song and a dance, for the camera. But was that the real Wolfgang? This week, Video Friday looks set to delve deep as we go Finding Wolfgang.

As raved about last week, K2FilmsScotland have many great videos worth checking out. My favourites however are the "Finding Wolfgang" series. These 6-7 minute shorts featured hyper-reality as Wolfie and his pals sit around first a pub, then a kerb and finally a tree, discussing the wrestler and a potential character-shift. What follows are some surreal imaginings of what a new Wolfie would look like.

Of course I could talk forever but really the point is the videos, so lets watch them:

Released in April, May and September 2013, I personally think that the whole series starts on a really strong note with Believe In The Field, even namechecking my own hometown. From there, to a Big Boss Man expy, even deftly mixing in some Limp Bizkit, at the time I didn't think it could be topped. But Parts II and III manage to not only hold their own, but surpass each other with each entry in the series.

To this day, I struggle to see Wolfgang without thinking "am pure hungry". Pretty sure I once just shouted "HUBBA BUBBA" at him entirely out of context. Anyway, lets not (Ultimately) worry about that.

Looking back on these videos, 2013 seems so long ago in a lot of ways. The timing of these videos came as Wolfgang was embarking on a brilliant Zero G title reign and Part III coincided with Wolfie's unification match with Heavyweight champion Mikey Whiplash, a match he unfortunately lost.

Since that time, Wolfgang has been embroiled in a bitter feud with the New Age Kliq and his own cousin, NAK member BT Gunn. That series of matches brought with it critical acclaim as well as dangerous moments as the cousins battled with Dog Collars, tried to be the Last Man Standing and ended up pitted against each other within a Steel Cage.

Now that the war has come to an end, I for one hope to see some of Wolfgang's funnier, more friendly side come back out to play. But if you remain unconvinced of Wolfie's impeccable comedic timing, I have one more video to show you next week to change your mind. Tune in once again for Video Friday on April 3rd, two years to the month of Finding Wolfgang part 1.

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