Friday 3 April 2015

Video Friday - New Recruit

Disclaimer: So last week we saw Wolfgang try to find a new character for himself. But have you ever wondered what he would be like portraying a completely new character? In this week's video we see Wolfgang stretch his acting chops, in a video featuring a previous Video Friday featured wrestler Grado.

As you may already know, Box Glasgow is a very pro-wrestling pub in Glasgow. It even has its own ICW themed cocktail menu. A little over a year ago, a short mockumentary was filmed showing Grado trying to get a job in the establishment, not unlike his Trials And Tribulations at trying to get booked by ICW.

However, as on point as Grado, Chris Toal and the rest are, for me it is Wolfgang's turn as a delusional, Hulk Hogan obsessed character that provides the most highlights and provokes the loudest laughs.

Have a watch below, and if this doesn't convince you that Wolfgang is one of the funniest men in Scotland I don't really know what else to say.

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