Friday 25 July 2014

LR: ICW- Shug's Hoose Party

Disclaimer: There's going to be a lot of reviews for this show, so I'm not 100% sure I will do one. At any rate, internet connection allowing, I will try to update this page with Live Results from the show on Sunday 27th July 2014.

Insane Championship Wrestling - Shug's Hoose Party
Sunday 27th July
o2 ABC, 300 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, G2 3JA

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I have done an extensive preview of Shug's Hoose Party already. I thoroughly recommend giving it a read to find out who is who and why they are at the Party, but for those who don't have the time, here is a tl;dr of what is going to happen on Sunday:

Jack Jester (c) v Martin Stone for the ICW Heavyweight title
Jester has held the belt for almost a year now, defeating all comers including two wins over Fergal Devitt. He has a lot of reasons to look over his shoulder right now, including Chris Renfew's Square Go briefcase which entitles him to a shot at Jester's belt at any time, and the threat of Jimmy Havoc to violently take the belt from Jester following his recent turn on the man. With all this lurking behind him, Jack Jester can ill-afford to take the threat in front of him lightly, as Martin Stone is a decorated wrestler with several titles and a stint at WWE's NXT/FCW on his CV. Tense times for the face of ICW.

Mark Coffey (c) v Solar for the Zero-G title
A match that has been building since 2013, Coffey will be looking to finally put away Solar and cement his legacy as the TRUE ICW Champion. Solar, who came achingly close to capturing the Zero-G belt last year, will be looking to make a huge statement in what has been a quiet year for him so far.

Liam Thomson v Kid Fite - I Quit Match
I wrote a novel about the history of these two, but the short version is - they are ex-tag team partners who now hate each other's guts. This will be brutal, and threatens to outshine even the two title matches in terms of importance.

Jack Gallagher v Joe Coffey
Two of the most acclaimed wrestlers today, Joe has been ever on the ascent in ICW, his Iron Man matches with James "Darkside" Scott going down in history as some of the finest contests in company history. Jack Gallagher has wrestled all over Scotland, England, Japan and Italy to great response. I am heavily excited for this match from a wrestling standpoint.

Johnny Moss v Grado
Johnny Moss seemed to be on the side of Grado away back at Newcastle (you can try and decipher my 'notes' from that show if you want), only to turn on the funny-man after Grado tried to engage Mossy in some post-match dancing. With a score to settle, but many mutual enemies lurking in the locker-room, it remains to be seen whether these two will go into this contest as an all-out war, or with hesitation as there are those who would love to jump in and see both fall.

That's it for the announced wrestling matches, but wait, there's more!

Jackie Polo presents "Lionheart - This Is Your Life"
These two were involved in a feud that was getting personal, when Lionheart suffered a career-threatening injury. Then things got really personal. No doubt Jackie will plunge to greater depths to insult Lionheart and his legacy, the question is - will Lionheart stand for it?

Lost In Audio (Joe Hendry's band) performing live
Good band, hope the crowd are receptive.

Something About Someone Appearing
Potentially Drew Galloway/McIntyre. Read more about it here.

and finally

Fear & Loathing 7 Venue is REVEALED
Where could it be?!

And now, for the results. Check back here regularly on Sunday 27th July to find out who won and what went down:

Liam Thomson & Carmel came out. Thomson stated he wasn't waiting 2 hours for their match. Kid Fite came out. But Thomson said he quit. Fite wasn't happy with this, taking it out on the security. Stay tuned.

Mark Coffey came out claiming Solar couldn't make it. Cult Of Personality hit, with CM TOAL coming to the ring with JACKIE HEYMAN. Coffey got the squash win, and then...

Solar appeared! But Coffey retains with the pumphandle slam.
Bucky Boys out with Wee Man and KLR...
What was meant to be a simple vacation of the Tag Titles, it became KAYLEE RAY & STEVIE BOY v BT GUNN & RENFREW fir the belts. After a lot of madness, NAK won following a Stoner and a Superkick.

Next out - Dallas. Apparently there will be a show on the 31st August, and F&L7 will be at the BARROWLANDS.Bobby Roberts entered after several headshots, suffering from a Steve Austin persona, Stunnered Dallas.
Grado came out to a remix of Goldberg theme and Like A Prayer. He prevailed against Mossy, winning with a pinfall.

The Polo segment was... odd. Well leave it at that. Lionheart came out with the cast of Still Game. Rock Bottomed someone to end a far too lengthy segment.

Lost In Audio now playing the intermission, First twio songs went well, giid sound, good response from crowd.

So the LIA gig ended, The Entire Kennedy Administration ended up in the ring. Hendry v Damo. Kennedy and Kenny interfered, ending came when Kenny handed Damo a green chair, Damo used it fir a big boot then a springboard dropkick that sent Hendry out the ring. Pinfall win for Damo.

I Quit match next. Kid Fite put Thomson through a table and a chair, tied him in the ropes and threatened to hit Carmel with a chair. Thomson still wouldn't quit, bur the threat if a teabag to Carmel made Liam quit. Fire still went fir the teabag anyway, which spurred Liam to break free. Fire teabagged Liam instead.

Joe Coffey came out with a GUITAR and played IRON MAN before making his way to the ring to face Jack Gallacher.
After putting on a wrestling masterclass, Joe won following the Spinning Lariat.

Jack Jester defended his title against Martin Stone. Stone was a super heel throughout, Jester got the pin following his tombstone piledriver.

After the bout, Chris Renfrew tried to cash in his title shot, but DREW GALLOWAY made the save. He showed great respect to Jester... before putting the champion through a table from the announce area.

Drew then cut a promo stating he was helping ICW get to the next level, a TV show and worldwide acclaim. Crowd went mental.

That is all for tonight.

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